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Friday, February 19, 2010

Four Months Old

Jude Dylan is 4 months old today! I really cannot believe I've been a month for 1/3 of a year. Biggest changes this month are just in his strength and coordination. He's getting close to rolling over I think, like I posted yesterday. He wants to do it so bad. I am linking a video where you can see his attempts. He was pretty tired though, so he wasn't super active. You can see him thinking about how he is going to get his toy, which is pretty interesting.

He also seems to be teething. He wants to attack anything he can get his mouth on these days. He threw a fit last night because his teething ring wasn't cold anymore. Pretty suspicious behavior. Tonight, in the tub, he was trying to eat my hand. I was letting him for a little bit, until I realize it hurt! He wasn't just lightly chewing my hand, he was chomping down. At one point, I actually made a yelp sound. The poor thing looked at me with the saddest face like "oh no, I didn't mean to."

Sleep wise, Jude is getting much better. He only wakes up one time at night, which he's been doing for awhile. He is still pushing the time back though. I think we are almost officially in the wake at 5:00 range, although he still has his wake at 3:30 moments on occasion. A typical nights sleep includes eating at 8 and going straight to sleep. He wakes up at 5:00 and eats, then usually plays until he puts himself back to sleep. He finally wakes between 7:30 and 8:00 for the day.

He has his nighttime routine down to a science at this point. He takes his bath at 7:30. He eats at 8:00. He's in bed by 8:30. We started working with him on a nighttime routine when he was 4 weeks old I think. The original goal was just to help him know the difference between night and day. That routine was the best thing we ever did for him. It's amazing because he knows it's time for bed once we start the bath. He plays and enjoys himself in the tub, but he knows once those jammies come on, it's time to eat and go to bed. We never have any trouble with it at all.

Jude is still doing great with breastfeeding, and it really makes me happy to know we've been successful with it for 4 months so far. He eats about 6-7 times a day usually. I think he would only eat 5-6 times a day if I was at home. He seems to like to eat once I get home for comfort reasons. He eats about 5 ounces per feeding I believe, although he spits up lots of it. It doesn't seem to affect him much because he's a strong little guy.

He's extremely happy and easy still. He is laughing from the moment we peek over the side of his bed to get him up in the morning. It's pretty weird having a baby that wakes up this happy. I don't wake up that happy even now.

Jude has his 4 month appointment on Monday afternoon. I really look forward to these just to see how much he's grown. There are supposed to be some shots he gets again at this visit, but we are still going to delay vaccinating until he's at least 3 years old. The more I get to know his personality and realize just what a special baby he is, the more I cannot imagine risking the destruction of that with vaccines.

Jude is such a delight and a blessing. I have so much fun with him! Here are a couple videos of Jude on his 4month birthday:

Playing on the floor- PS I sound like a total idiot with my baby talk voice

Want to remember Jude through the months? Here's some month by month links to Jude.
* One month- this post amuses me because I was so excited for Jude to sleep 4-5 hours at night. Makes his 6-8 hour stretch amazing.

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