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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Young Living Giving- and Voices of the Martyrs

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I have been a part of Young Living since May, and have been sharing it since June.  I mentioned a few posts back about using my Young Living money- since it's technically lagniappe- to give back.  Then I looked at my budget, and realized maybe it's not all lagniappe.  Maybe it's the Lord being gracious to provide extra when my mortgage went up my a lot this year... and I am still paying off stupid medical bills from before I discovered oils...  But I'm still giving some.

Someone was asking me about this recently in reference to tithing and such.  I guess I didn't make that clear before.  I already tithe $270 a month to church as well as $38 a month to Compassion International.  That's $318 a month that I had already established to give which is about exactly 10% of my earnings.  When I said I was going to use Young Living to give back, I don't mean that it's my tithe.  My tithe is already accounted for.  This is extra (lagniappe).  This is me just enjoying being able to give back to The Lord who is truly the one behind growing anything that is happening with Young Living.  And this is more 'fun' than my tithes because I get to pick a different charity each month depending on what is on my heart that month.  

The checks come about a month after I've earned them.  Meaning I've received a check for earnings in June and now in July.  In June I used the whole $50 check to donate money to Catholic Charities of Dallas specifically the unaccompanied minors fund.  Those kiddos were on my heart then, and I got to do something about it!  This month what has been on my heart is Christian persecution within Islamic borders.  I hate what I am seeing.  I pray for God's mighty intervention and mercy on their behalf.  In America, we just forget how lucky we are that we can worship however we want.  This is NOT the case for many countries.  

I have long been a subscriber to the monthly publication of Voices of the Martyrs.  This particular organization goes behind enemy lines bringing needs, aid, Bibles, food, legal help, you name it to Christians who are currently imprisoned or in hiding for their faith.   I've read their publications for years, but just have never had the extra money to really get involved.  Thanks to Young Living, I can.  I was actually able to specifically donate money to help suffering Christians within Muslim counties through their donation page.  This is a huge blessing!  Of course we have all been praying.  But it's hard to know what else to do beyond that.  Young Living (and those of you who have joined my team) are helping me give back to them.  Again, it was $50 donated this month.  (My check was actually bigger, but some of it goes to the extras like Higley references which I buy for people who sign up under me, etc.)  Regardless, the Lord is able to use that to help those in need.  And that's amazing!  Young Living was a life change for me, I get to help people who sign up change their life too, and then donate money to further that life change.  The Lord is good!

For those of you interested, I would love to mentor you on your own journey.  There is opportunity to bless your family and then turn around and bless others.  Soli deo gloria!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Community- and why it makes me love Young Living more

Today I'm thankful for community.  Often when I'm at church, we discuss the power of Biblical community and how walking together helps us grow in our relationship with the Lord.  This is certainly true, and I very thankful for the community group we joined earlier this summer.  There is something special about having a place of belonging and learning.

There are, of course. so many pockets of community in every life that are wonderful.  I'm thankful for the community of colleagues I work with at Savannah.  Just like my community group, it's a place where I belong, where I share what I'm doing as a teacher, and I learn from and am held accountable by other teachers.  This is my second year on this campus, and starting this year I can see how much I've learned from others, from my mistakes, and just the good that is my place there.

And I have the community of my friends and family.  The people who know me closely.  The ones I don't have to explain who I am or what I am because they already know.  This past weekend I met with my former team members/friends for our monthly-ish Chick Fil A play date at 7:30am Saturday.  It's such a sweet time of coffee and conversation while the kids play.

Yesterday afternoon I realized how thankful I was for a new community God graciously brought into my life- Young Living.  I realize that mlm companies can be weird for a lot of people.  And I totally would agree BUT those various levels in that mlm system are my mentors, new friends, and community.  Beginning a health journey like essential oils is so much more than just buying some oils and using them.  To do it well, knowledgeably, and consistently, requires community.  You could try to just buy it and get started.  But I think you'd miss out on so much.  I am so blessed by my access to the Sp.Oil.Ed living community, and the Essentially Speaking community, and the Anointed Living community.  All of these ladies are my various upline levels.  (And all of them live here in my neighborhood which is a bonus!)  And while there are these public forums, by my joining their communities, I received invites into private forums where we can share with each other our successes, ask each other questions, and just generally support each other.  Community- it's really the only way to do life.  And when you are doing something as important as taking charge of your health, community is a must.  I am so thankful for my EO community- and all the communities in my life.

**If you would like to be invited to join the Essentially Speaking and Anointed Living communities, email me at rinehartash@gmail.com.  Sharing with you my oily journey and guiding you is a wonderful privilege and one I am happy to share with all these ladies.

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