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Monday, February 22, 2010

4 month check up

Jude had his 4 month check up today. Once again, the doctor said he was doing really well. Last time he was in the 50% for everything, but this time he was in the 30-45%. It seems like he is in something new every time we go. He grew an inch and a quarter and is now 241/4 inches. (35%). He gained 2 lbs and is now 13 lbs 10 oz. (30%). His head is 161/2 inches and 45%. By the way, what is the point of the head measurement? Does it mean his brain is growing?

We skipped the vaccinations again. Here s one of my posts on why. We will start them when he's 3 most likely. We have a lot of peace about this decision. Plus, it's always nice to find more reasons why we belong in a great hippie city like Denton. Jk- that would be a ridiculous reason to not vaccinate. Incidentally, since choosing vaccination delay, I've heard a good bit about it, as well as discovered some blogs about it. Nice to know we aren't alone.

We were glad to hear that he is doing excellent with his motor skills and is even above par for sleeping at night. Apparently most don't start sleeping but 4-5 hours at 4-6 months. Yay for Jude for sleeping 4-5 hours at 1 month. He's now up to 7-8 hours at night with occasionally stretching it to 9-10 hours. I'm hoping the 9-10 hour stretch becomes more frequent.

We were given the go ahead for rice cereal, but we think we are going to wait until 5 months. The doctor said it really doesn't affect sleeping through the night, so who cares. I'm slightly hesitant to add solid feedings when I don't have to due to milk supply. With working, I really don't get to maintain my nursing schedule like I would like. So far I have been really blessed with a steady, productive supply. I don't want to jeopardize that just yet. If I don't have to, why bother. Plus, the longer I nurse him the longer he eats for free. We spend so much on this kid, I'll take free any way I can get. Anyway, we'll probably start rice cereal with him around 5 months. Not anything crazy. We're just going to wait a little bit to make sure he really is ready for it.

Anyway, we don't go back to the doctor (hopefully) until April 19th. Until then, we are going to enjoy this beautiful baby who's goofy personality is coming out more and more, enjoying how much he can play now, and wondering when he's going to actually roll over.

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