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Thursday, February 11, 2010

* Snow Day *

This is Jude's THIRD snow day! I have to say living in Texas and the fact that Jude is 3 mos old- this is amazing. Global warming is a crock. I'm pretty excited to spend the day at home with my two men. However, I'm also sad we are losing our day off for Good Friday. Win some, you lose some, but it sure is beautiful. Michael calls it confectioners sugar snow. Perfect.

Michael and I ran outside to take some pics in the snow while I was getting ready for work. Silly school didn't call until 7 to tell me it was canceled. I was almost walking out the door at that point. It's nice having pics with the hubby again. We rarely take pics together now that Jude is here.

When Jude woke up at 7:45, I corralled everyone for more snow pictures. I wish we had our own personal family photographer to take pictures of all 3 of us wherever and whenever. Since we don't, I guess I will just have to settle for pics of Jude and Momma and pics of Jude and Dad.

Jude was not even interested in snow. The whole time he just kinda had this expression of 'uhh how do I respond to this'. I was surprised because when he woke up this morning and I was the one who appeared over the edge of his crib, he broke out in to giggles and fits of insane laughter. Apparently I was a kill joy with my snow play.

After Jude took his morning nap, the snow was still coming down, and in large clumps too! After he ate, I convinced Michael to go out in it again. I was excited because I got to put Jude in his bear outfit for the 2nd time. I bought the silly thing on clearance because we thought we would be in New York for Christmas. It drives me nuts that he didn't even need it after all. I insist on using it when there's snow. Lucky me, it's snowed twice here.

This time Jude was totally weirded out by the snow, but he wasn't really in to it either. I guess he is still too young to care or get it. Next year, if our winter is this cold, I bet he will get more in to it. That will be exciting to see!

Anyway, so far on our day off, we have enjoyed hanging out. The snow is absolutely beautiful to watch coming down. Once again, I am growing wistful of the idea of moving to somewhere with snow days more often.

Until then, I am thankful to be in Denton, because it seems like we always get a little taste each year!

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