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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I will probably go on and on every weekend on here about how happy Saturday mornings make me. What's a working momma to do but look forward to them? Thanks to the great Denton snow storm of 2010 and President's Day, I get a 5 day weekend. That's like 5 Saturdays in a row. There are no words as to how I have enjoyed my time.

Oh I love this one. I know I'm his mom, but I seriously think Jude has the cutest mouth!

Waking up with Jude and Michael is. the. best. I love everything they say to me. I love that they both love me even with my morning breath. I love that they both think I'm funny. I love that my happiest moments are spent with them doing absolutely nothing at all.

It's amazing how age (inevitably?) changes you. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved kids- hence the whole teaching thing. However, I always thought life would probably get boring once it became the same day in and day out. Boy was I wrong.

Jude hangs out in his oh so favorite bouncer while we make breakfasts on Saturday morning.

There really is nothing mundane at all about watching your child grow and change. Yes, I technically do the same thing. I could probably time and predict the order of events down to the minute. Yes, if I told this to my 18 year old self, I might get a weird look.

People always say it, but it is so true. Having a baby totally changes you. Granted, I am an old soul and turned 80 around my 21st birthday. Irrelevant. Even my 80 year old self enjoyed the freedom of being able to sleep in and go to dinner without packing 2 extra outfits, 3 extra diapers, wipes, toys, pacifiers, pacifier chains, blankets, burp cloths, and carseat. I could go on. Sometimes in weak moments I think, man it was so much easier when ____.

But then I look in this sweet face and I watch him unbelievably excited by his bouncer (see above) and I forget all about fine dining. I'm just too wrapped up in my new life to really ever miss the old. Michael and I talked about how we were having kids early so they could leave home while we were in our 40s and young. Screw that. We had kids early because it's just so stinkin awesome to have kids. The end.

various videos of the things that make my (early) mornings rock

Baby Sneezes

Never Still

PS this blog should have been written on Feb 6th. It's just I don't have much time during the week. Such is life.

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