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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three Months

Jude Dylan is 3 months old as of yesterday. Can Not Believe It. I absolutely adore the last 3 months. He's gotten soooo much fun. He started getting to be easier and less demanding around 6 weeks, but by now he is just completely entertaining. He's one of the happiest kids I've ever seen, much less for being so young. He just loves to play and interact with people. He really is just the funnest baby ever. (Yes, I know I sound braggy- but he's just so stinking happy!)

At 3 months Jude :
* eats 7 times a day
* follows a 3 hour routine of eat/play/nap
* loves his bouncer and play mat
* loves kicking, kicking, kicking at things
* is able to reach for and successfully grab things he's interested in
* Typically is sleeping for 6+ hours at night (except for this week because his schedule has been shot to crap)
* smiles and laughs all the time. Everything makes him happy.

Click the link to watch a video of Jude playing.

These pics are actually from the 18th when I was off an able to hang out with him.

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