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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Months Old

Jude Dylan is 2 months old! Can't believe it! He has changed so much!

Here he is as a newborn:

One month:

Two months:

He has so many new skills. He is smiling more and more with his little baby coos and laughs. He really likes interacting with people now. He's starting to spend a lot more time turning to look at sounds he hears, especially when people talk. He still likes to stare intently and study random things on the wall. He's done this since day one honestly.

He's starting to get interested in his toys and playing more. He's really using his hands and feet all the time. He's really getting difficult to hold on to because he is just never ever still. My side of the family is thrilled because he moves his left arm a little bit more than the right. Since my brother pitched in high school and is now pitching for the Naval Academy, they are hoping Jude will carry on the pitching tradition. Everyone knows a left handed pitcher is much better than a rightie. He is in love with his tongue. He sticks it in and out over and over and over. He looks like a little frog.

He's outgrown his bassinet and has moved in to a big bed. Interestingly enough, this move has made clear just how much of a mover he is. The first night, we placed him with his head down at one end. By his 3:30 feeding, he had made a 90 degree turn in the bed. I've decided there will be no stuffed animals in his bed. Talk about a sids risk. He's all over the place.

The most amazing new skills however include moving closer to sleeping through the night. He's doing really awesome for being a breastfed baby. Right now he eats at 8:00 and is in bed by about 8:45. He sleeps until 3:30. After that, he pretty much eats every 3 hours, with the exception of his cluster feed when I get home from work. I'm hoping he'll get to sleeping through the night early in January.

We have his two month appointment on Wednesday. Still processing through how we will deal with the whole shot issue. My main thing is that the shots be thimersol free. He's supposed to get hep b (he got the 1st one in the hospital), DTP, some meningitis one, and rotavirus. As long as they are thimersol free, I will probably get 2. I don't know. I'll post my decision sometime after Wednesday....

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