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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Day 2010

When Jude was 11 weeks old, we had an ice day. These days are always filled with mixed emotions because on the one hand, I get the day off. On the other hand, I lose my day off in May. This particular snow day was pretty annoying because we had only been to work 2 days since Christmas. I wasn't even burnt out yet! Jude and I had fun though with the camera. He was making some awesome faces! He's become quite the Mr. Personality.

Here he is in mid sentence. Usually saying something like 'ahhhooooooo'

Hmm really mom?

So excited!

Ok is it just me, or do his eyes look adorably sweet here?

Mommy, you're so funny...

Personal fave- frog tongue strikes again

It's pictures like these that make me wonder if Jude will be one of those lucky people who can do the eyebrow raise thing. If so, I will be jealous. And also very proud.

Confusing this kid again...

More froggy time..

Happy little froggie!

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