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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet 16

Jude Dylan turned 16 weeks on Feb 8th. What a sweet 16 weeks they have been! I cannot believe he's changed so much in such a short amount of time!

Superbowl Sunday we went to our friends apartment. They just had a little boy on Jan 26th. He was 7 lbs some ounces when he was born- very close to Jude's size. I couldn't believe how little Chase was! The crazy thing is that Jude was just that big 14 weeks ago! It is truly mind blowing that one little person can change so much so rapidly.

This might be TMI, but speaking of change, Michael and I were talking about how about this time last year Jude was conceived. We found out we were pregnant on Valentines Day. Talk about love! Anyway, it's amazing that this squirmy, smily, giggly baby was smaller than a poppyseed a year ago. How amazing is God and the entire conception-pregnancy-birth-growth process! I can't imagine having to create such intricate processes.

Jude's personality seems to change with each passing week. He is still the goofiest baby I've ever been around. He just cracks up constantly. Our favorites are when he spits up all over us or farts and laughs about it. He's going to be one gross little boy!

He's really starting to show preferences with people. Now that he really recognizes Michael and I, he definitely prefers us to anyone else. At the Superbowl party, some of our friends were holding him and he kind of freaked. He's only seen them once or twice, and both times were awhile ago. Obviously, he doesn't remember. When he realized he didn't know them and couldn't see us clearly, he got so upset. There's no more 'sure hold my kid'. He's getting picky. I was really shy as a kid though. I'm hoping he's just picky, not shy.

I've really been impressed by how much his fine motor skills have developed recently. He uses the NUK brand pacifiers which have this thin ring on them. He's gotten to where he will grab the paci with his pointer finger and thumb to hold on to it. I can't believe he can grab on to something so small. Sometimes, he even manages to get it in his mouth. He usually just gets his cheek though.

Now here's a question for the audience. One of his ears has this mildew like smell. Is this an ear infection? He doesn't seem bothered by it so I'm not sure. I called the doctor this evening, but they had already left. Hopefully I will catch them tomorrow.

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