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Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Weekend!

About 5:00 Sunday evening, I always start a countdown. To the weekend. I just really am living for the time I can be home with Jude (and Michael).

Saturday mornings were always me and Michael's thing. Our very first family tradition. We would sleep in until around 10. Then, we would get up and make a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, coffee. All the good stuff.

Having Jude hasn't changed that much. We still make a big breakfast Saturday morning. He has added a new tradition though. On Saturday's, when Jude wakes us up around 8:30, I always bring him into our bed and feed him. The three of us lay around while he eats. Then, Jude fills us in on all his nighttime happenings. For whatever reason, he always has a lot to say on Saturday morning. The funny thing is that he really seems like he is carrying on a conversation. He is full of voice inflections and pauses like in real sentences. I would give anything to know what he was thinking when he told us all this.

This new Saturday morning ritual has become so precious to me. After working all week and missing out on so much, I really treasure Jude telling me everything about his week. While in the moment, I know that he'll be 29 years old, and I'll still remember Saturday mornings with Jude where Michael and I would lay in bed and listen to him talk to us.

I'm looking forward to more of this and that tomorrow. Hope your weekend is just as precious!

PS I hope you notice in the videos how much Jude smiles. He gets so freaked out by the flash that I can only catch his smiles on video. His pics come out all scared looking.

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