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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grandma Great

Jude is a very loved baby. He's been given 3 baby quilts. Eventually, I will post pictures of Jude with his other two baby quilts. Until then, here is the first installment. Incidentally, I love quilts, especially baby quilts. There is nothing more comforting, and for babies, nothing more adorable. Here are some pictures of Jude with the quilt my grandma made him.

This is really sentimental to me. For one thing, it's my grandma. For another, we found out after Christmas that she has lung cancer. She's in her late 80s, and her lung is not strong enough to remove the cancer via surgery. So she is doing the whole chemo/radiation thing. Given the whole scenario, it really means a lot that Jude has this. A lot of love goes in to making a quilt for someone. I hope Jude knows how much his great grandma's and gram loved him.

Jude and I will be going to Annapolis to visit Joel in March. I'm going to drive to my grandma's to see her while I'm so close. It will be really awesome for her to meet Jude. These moments are too precious....

Please be praying for my grandma....

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