"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Sunday, March 31, 2013

'Ragin' Date Night

Last night, Jimmy and I went to a local 'Cajun' restaurant.  Having grown up in New Orleans, I am painfully aware of how Gulf Coast/Cajun food should taste.  No restaurant ever compares to home, but it's nice to go and reminisce about friends, family, newspaper covered with crawfish, humidity(truth) and mossy Spanish Oaks anyway.  It was a fun time :)

We chowed down on crawfish, which I'm slightly convinced is 50% part of the experience of bonding over eating your food like a complete slob and having crawfish juice dripping all the way down to your elbows :)  Jimmy was all business.  Obviously, I was ridiculously excited because I have my 'OMG' smile going on here.  We may or may not of referenced Duck Dynasty several times during this....

We stopped and semi watched the sun set on a small body of water (which in NTX terms means a man made lake...).  Side note- Jimmy grew up along the Texas Coast, so we both have a certain affection for water.  After eating seafood, we both felt we needed to see some water.  :)  We had a drink, watched the end of the sunset from the wall of windows (where you can see our reflection later on...)  Then we walked around the lake a wee bit.  Can you spot us?

Date Night Duds- I seriously could wear long skirts and t shirts on the daily.  I'm so blessed to have a guy who appreciates the casual side like woah.  I keep thinking I need to get more adventurous again, but the whole heels thing always turns me away...

Skirt- Target
Tshirt- Target
Headband- a belt from F21 I cut
Bracelets- Freeset

I am really excited about this Bob Marley shirt.  And not pictured is the Bob Dylan one I bought.  I like my Bobs of music ;)  I was listening to Bob Marley in the delivery room when I had Jude.  I find his music so calming, inspiring, and honestly, I just want to live on an island too.  And Jude's middle name is Dylan...  So all that to say, both remind me of my little guy.

The bracelets are by this company called Freeset.  I recently bought them along with my new favorite teacher bag.  It's a really great company.  They hire women they save from human trafficking, train them, and employ them making bags, bracelets, etc.  There are a ridiculous number of people enslaved today.  It's daunting to try to think of how to help.  It's a small thing to do, but it's worth it.  Think of purchasing with purpose next time you need something :)


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Facebook Page

Hey guys,

I saw this at www.megancard.com and figured I should make a facebook page for my blog too.  Because why not :)  So... follow this link https://www.facebook.com/SweetlyWornBlog and like it.  And if you like it, I would be happy to like yours back.  Just send me the link :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Love Story- on being single

The summer I turned 22 I fell in love with George Mueller.  [Some girls like Channing Tatum (i think that's his name).  I like random dead people who run orphanages.  I never said I was normal.]  There was something about his faith that I desperately wanted to lead me.  I felt like if I had a guy like that, walking in faith would be so easy, because he would hold my hand.  And I think more than anything, I wanted a godly man I could respect.  Reading his biography was beyond inspiring, and probably was one of those pivotal moments that affected my missions outlook.  He was what I wanted- and even today- I want a godly man with a missions mindset whom I can respect.

Somehow, though, that summer I also met my ex husband.  It's beyond my comprehension that I could be heading one direction and somehow veered so far off what I had said I wanted.  Through my ex husband I entered sexual immorality, abortion, idolatry, pain, shame, fear- lots of fear.  Bondage really. I've wondered before (don't dwell on this because- Jude- worth it), but still wondered how I fell so far so quickly.  The answer is simply- idolatry.

I was entering my last year of college.  I had assumed all my life I would be engaged at least when I graduated from college.  I felt like I was off schedule, and so, Michael represented a way for me to be on the path I 'knew' I should be on.  There were warning signs.  But I was so fixated on making sure I was married on time, I really didn't acknowledge them.  I was so sure that being married was worth it all, and it would all work out in the end.  Not even remotely true.

I kind of think as that as a 'Hagar decision'.  Just like Abraham and Sarah got tired of waiting on God to fulfill His promise, I got tired of waiting.  Just like Sarah took things into her own hands and gave Abraham Hagar, I took things in my own hands and 'made it work' with Michael.  Both decisions had disastrous results.

What I didn't realize at 22 was that I had hope.  Hope that a 'George Mueller' would come along.  Right around the corner could be the right guy.  When you are married to the wrong guy, you don't have any hope.  Looking at someone who hurts you in every way possible and thinking 'this is what my life is going to be like for the next 50 years' is possibly one of the most horrific thoughts I've had.  In fact, when I first got divorced I wasn't sure I would ever consider getting married again- or that it would be ok from a spiritual perspective.  I was 900% sure though, that being single for the rest of my life, while difficult, was better than being married and afraid.  Whatever you think loneliness feels like when you are just young and single, I promise promise it is nothing to the loneliness of having someone in your life you can never truly be close to.  Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of lonely married women in the world.  And that's a pain unlike any other.  A hopeless pain.

I know there are several people in my blog/real world that worry about being alone.  That's a totally normal fear.  Women were created to be a helper to someone.  God has a definite plan for your life and ways to fulfill that need He gave you.  And it's scary to think about not doing that with your life.  Even now I have moments where I wonder oh my gosh, what if...  And that's definitely not what I want.  I don't know what God's plan for my life is.  I don't know what God's plan for your life is.  But I do know that I pray you feel encouraged.  You have hope.  Just like God saw Hagar in the desert, he sees you too.  He doesn't just know your heart, He adores it.  He thinks your heart is beautiful and worthy of not just settling, but a love great and godly.  He knows of someone who will be worth the wait.

Waiting can be a fruitful time.  I waited for 2 lonely painful years before I considered dating again.  Sometimes it was because of my decision.  Sometimes it was God's.  Those two years were blessed though.  I fell in love with God so deeply.  I learned what it was like to depend on Him solely.  He became the Lover of My Soul.  Those lessons have been beyond a blessing in my current relationship.  I used to have moments of severe loneliness or fear.  I would just pray something like 'Lord, I need a hug right now.  I'm so lonely, and I'd give anything to be held.  But that's not what you've given me right now.  So please hold me tonight".  And He faithfully answered that prayer everytime.  He knew those desires I had, and He continually fulfilled them.  Because I learned to depend on God to satisfy my desires and fill my hollow places with His lavish, unfailing love (i literally pray that daily- Got that from a Beth Moore book called Breaking Free- which I highly recommend), I haven't needed Jimmy to fill those.  I love having him around.  He is such a breath of fresh air all the time.  I absolutely adore him in every way.  I literally think He's brought Christ to life in a tanglible way for me.  But I don't need him.  And that's huge for me.  It's also allowed this relationship to be truly healthy, and also truly dependent and focused on God.  Which has made what I really dreamed of, a godly man who I could respect and trust to lead me, possible.  And that's exciting!  And was worth the wait!

In closing, I just want people to know that its good to be content where you are.  God is blessing you right where you are.  He is doing amazing things right where you are.  It's also ok to want and even need other things.  But for me, laying them down at His feet made them possible.  It was hard many days.  But I always had hope.  And in Christ we have a hope that doesn't disappoint!

Side note:  A couple months before meeting Jimmy- maybe not even that long- I acknowledged before God my desire to serve in foreign missions.  I told God I was willing to go- anywhere- although at the time I wanted to go to Morocco.  Now I would just go anywhere.  But I asked God, if that was my calling to please bring me someone I could trust to protect me while I was there.  Pretty legit request, especially in places like Morocco where my rights as a woman would be limited.  Jimmy literally would go anywhere.  And he is absolutely concerned with shepherding me in every way.  I'm not saying anything as far as where Jimmy and I are headed, because I don't know.  But hey, maybe you should surrender to missions and God will bring you a co-laborer ;)  kinda kidding....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Too Cute Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was different from our norm in the sense that 
1.  my parents were in town 
2.  no date night except that Jimmy came to dinner with my fam
3.  i hung out with my sister

Good times were had by all.  But first, here is my edition of TOO CUTE... 

My sleeping child in the car and his sweet sweet sweet little fist.  Gah- dead.  Why oh why are they just so precious when they sleep.  So precious your heart literally aches for time to just stop.  Jude fell asleep in the car Friday night on the way to dinner.  Right now, we are trying to find the happy medium of naps.  Jude will nap for 4 hours- daily.  But then not go to sleep.  I've tried nixing the nap so he goes to bed early.  But then he's exhausted.  Parenting- a tale in trial and error.  I tell you...

Saturday was cold and rainy (side note- what the heck spring!).  Jude made himself comfortable by turning on the fire place and getting cozy with his favorite movie, Beethoven.  We watch that movie on repeat, honestly.  He spent the afternoon doing man stuff with my dad, while us girls went shopping.  Easter clothes for the win :)

That night, my sister, her friend and I went to a concert at the House of Blues.  I didn't know either of the bands prior to going.  I was just excited to go to a concert!  The last time I was at HOB, it was for Dropkick Murphy and there was a lot of moshing and jumping.  This time it was for Ben Rector.  There were a lot of sorority girls.  And by a lot- I mean that's all that was there.  ::define irony::  Anyway, it was fun.  I was more partial to the opening band, Alpha Rev.  Kind of Ryan Adams ish, which I dig.  I recommend.  I mainly really enjoyed having girl time and just laughing with my sister, who I literally thought was going to throw down if one more 18 yr old cut in front of her.  My sister is like 100 lbs and 5'2", so you can imagine how intimidating she is :)  She blames job stress haha.  Yolo- haha that's for my sis...

The best part was I think this is the first time Ben Rector has ever sold out a big name place.  This was the 4th show in the tour for one thing, and it was the first one in the tour to sell out.  It was kinda cool because he was so stinkin excited.  I think he sort of felt like 'he arrived' ya know.  It was fun to be able to be apart of something you know he will remember.  I mean he's stoked!

Girls!!!!  Night!!!!

Sunday we did it right.  Re-lax-a-tion.  I don't think I moved from the couch much if at all.  Old woman at a concert where she stands all night means I must lay down all the next day.  #fact  Luckily, Jude was down for the chillin...  Thankful!

 I read some of my small group book while I was on the couch.  Didn't want it to be a complete waste of time ;)  And I was just really struck by the truths of this section.  Especially because I struggle with impatience.  Mostly because I get nervous about things going wrong- not so much that I'm in a hurry.  But I do want to be perfect.  In the end though, my impatience because of fear hurts others, and that's a problem.  I am really loving the ideas of this book and just how its pushing me to love and embrace others more!  Side note- I am going to try to do book review posts as I finish books, so this will be included :)

And on that note, here is my lazy face.  No makeup.  No shame.  I loved every second of it.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlea and Jude take the zoo

Over spring break, my friend and I took our littles to the zoo.  Jude and Charlea are both in the 2/3 year range, which is awesome.  We got there fashionably late (or late like moms of little kids do...) which aparently translates into waiting 30+ minutes in line to get in.  Luckily, the kids were fine.  They played around in line.  We chatted.  It was perfect.

We were probably in the zoo 1.5 hours.  Maybe 2.  It was the perfect sized zoo for toddlers.  It had enough animals that they recognized and were into seeing.  It had enough wide spaces for strollers and allowing them plenty of movement.  It had plenty of just low enough for toddlers to get up and see themselves.  Just high enough to be able to see everything.  Great for littles wanting to be independent.  There weren't too many people since its just a little zoo in Gainesville, so you never felt like you were losing them.  Which also gave them the freedom to wander about a little.  And then right about the time they started wearing out, we were at the end.  So it was cheap, we saw everything, and we got our money's worth.  I have always been a big Ft Worth Zoo person- and it is awesome.  But if you have toddlers- it's Frank Buck all the way as far as I'm concerned.  Highly recommend.

The rest is just super cute pics.  I think my personal favorite of the whole afternoon was at the end when Jude and Charlea were losing interested.  We were treated to some toddler crab walking, some toddler giraffe walking (with songs), and then they proceeded to walk down the ramp on their feet and hands like gorillas.  Seriously, I should have videod.  And then they walked the rest of the way singing together.  Most of the songs were made up.  Luckily, Jude and Charlea both have a certain affinity for song writing so they just picked up where the other left off.  So cute :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm thankful for this guy

I'm totally cheating and combining my camping trip with my thankful post.  But I figure I learned a lot of good stuff that night, and what worth more thankfulness than that?  Have I ever mentioned that being a single parent since Jude was 6 mos old makes life weird?  It does.  I feel like I've lost touch with the girl I was in all of the life experiences I've had.  So many things broke me that year with getting divorced.  Every 6 mos or so I realize I'm coming more and more back to myself.  And yet I still have so far to go.  Some days I worry that the carefree, spunky side of me is lost forever.  Somedays I wonder if it isn't such a bad thing since I'm certainly more gracious now than I was when I was younger.  But there's just a general sadness for the girl I used to be.  In some ways, I think this is true of all moms, but even more so when you're a single mom.  You aren't with anyone who even remembers 'the old you'.  You know?  The thing about nights without my kiddo, is that I almost maybe remember and see glimpses of and kinda feel like the girl I grew up being.  And then in a flash they are gone again.  I hope as time goes on I grow more into myself and can find a balance between girl who let life happen and girl who's afraid of getting hurt again. 

Thankful God is the Great Healer....and that he brought this amazingly gracious guy into my life.

Thankful that he is so much fun to be around and that he makes me laugh....

Thankful that he wears flannel all the time.  Because I like my rustic men.  And that he takes me camping.  And that he likes being outdoors.  And that he's a pretty good fire builder.

Thankful that he wears cowboy boots on the regular.  I know a lot of non-Texans and non-southerners read this blog.  It's cool that you will not understand how unbelievably attractive this is.  But hey, I get it.  I love him for all the things they symbolize- trustworthy, honest, hard working, full of integrity, strong character, godly, leader, loving, gentleman... Boots say a lot to me.

And because I wanted to continue to keep up with my list with Beth and Meg (see my linking page)...
766.  Purchasing with Purpose
767.  Fresh Baked Banana Bread
768.  Words spoken by Jimmy that fill my fearful heart with peace and remind me God holds all things, even my fear.
769.  That in my battles with fear I am my weakest and I can open myself up to God being His strongest.
770.  Jude saying "good job with the banana cake mom"
771.  The way God has been faithful to fill my desire to be loved with Himself
772.  That my life circumstances have allowed me to not become complacent, but realize I need God.
773.  Camping with Jimmy
774.  Laughing as we try to figure out the tent
775.  Perfect camping weather- not too hot during the day, not freezing at night
776.  seeing animal tracks and lizards
777.  mud caked thick and squishy
778.  the lake in sunlight
779.  taking picture by the campfire
780.  laying next to the fire for hours talking
781.  jimmy in flannel and cowboy boots
782.  watching the moon go from overhead to no longer visible.  and debating what makes the moonlight.
783.  i saw 2 shooting stars!
784.  Jude telling me God drank blood! in connection to the last supper in Sunday School
785.  Jude asking me how we love Jesus.  Then telling me we hug him.
786.  Laying in bed while Jude reads his Bible to himself and realizing all my 2 minute bible stories at night have paid off because he KNOWS it.  and being reminded his Bible learning isn't dependent on me to teach him but its what God does with all my little bits of loaves and fish.
787.  Kids in love with multiple meaning words
788.  Gifts from my buddy
789.  Apologies for misbehavior and promises to change.
790.  more multiple meaning word love from my class
791.  puzzling and watching science shows with jimmy
792.  making dinner for people i love
793.  my big bradford pear tree all in bloom
794.  my irises blooming
795.  tea bag from a friend
796.  laughing with colleagues over how my speech has influenced them... right!
797.  Jude's giggles
798.  starting 1 Kings
799.  difficulties which keep me dependent on God alone
800.  butterfly snacks from the sunshine committee
801.  Nathan- hey Micah?  Micah- what's up buddy?  Nathan- can I borrow a sharpener?  Micah- sure I'm always happy to share  :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey Girl

Salutations friends:

remember how I used to blog?  yea that.  I was doing a really great job of enjoying my spring break and then BAM school started.  And Jude's exhausted.  And I'm exhausted.  And I guess basically we are just both ready for summer.  And next weekend is a 3 day weekend.  But mainly- summer is on the horizon and we are ready to sleep in.  You know till 7:30 because that's how we roll around here.

Here are some things to look forward to on the blog:

* Jude and Charlea take the zoo
* The best camping date of all time
* Part 2 of being called to be like God's Son
* My continuing 1000 gifts

Those are my goals anyway.  :)

For now, enjoy this pic of Jude who greatly enjoyed ice cream over spring break.  I think we went to Sonic every day.  Ok maybe every other day.  But for some reason the second warm weather hits, I can't resist ice cream.  I really need to just stock my fridge, but I haven't wanted to 'make that commitment' yet.  My wallet is telling me its time though.  I blame my parents for this compulsive need.  I literally cannot remember a day where my parents have NOT had a minimum of 3 gallons of bluebell (or these days HEB- because seriously, best grocery store ever) in their fridge.  All my childhood evenings are filled with bowls of ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce.  Bliss I tell you!

So ice cream.  It's a family tradition....

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Liebster Award 2- part 2

Ok as promised, here is part 2 to the Liebster Award where I will answer Kiki's questions, nominate some bloggers, and then post questions for them to answer.

1.  My favorite bible verse is Isaiah 26:3 which is He will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.  My mind has always been my battleground, so I am a big fan of verses that remind me where my focus is supposed to be.

2.  Celebrity crush- I literally don't keep up with celebrities.  I keep up with them for a few months and then get bored.  I rarely watch tv.  Rarely go to the movies.  Probably the closest I've come in the last year to this is Zooey Deschanel.  I think she's funny and I like her style.

3.  Dream vacation- answered this on the last one, but Turkey or Morocco.  I really love Arabic markets and food.

4.  When I was younger all I wanted to be when I grew up was a stay at home momma.  I still think that would be a fun job :)

5.  I started blogging when I was pregnant with Jude.  So if you go back far enough in this, it's all baby stuff.  Most of my family is out of state, so it was just an easy way to keep people updated.  I've since changed it around some because blogging about my kiddo became somewhat uncomfortable for me.  I still do sometimes, but it's not the focus.

6.  The best gift I ever received was a necklace from my grandma.  It was particularly special because my grandma never wore jewelry, so the fact that she picked it out for me was just really thoughtful.  The necklace itself is really unique.  She found an antique coin sized clasp with an A inscribed on it and put it on a chain.  It's by far my favorite necklace ever.  The only necklace I wear consistently.

7.  Favorite TV shows are Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Duck Dynasty.

8.  Daily blog reads- to be honest I just got through the feed and read whatever has recently been written.  Here is my bloglovin profile.  You can check out what I follow.  If it's on there, I read it.


9.  Nickname- usually just Ash.  My sister calls me SissyBoo.  In high school I was Ash Rine.

10.  Favorite/Least favorite foods- favorite is quiche of any kind.  least favorite is peas.

11.  Most played song on my ipod (spotify in my case)- I don't know about songs, but my favorites are things like Bon Iver, Feist, Bob Marley, the Beatles... stuff like that.  During March I typically listen to a lot of Dropkick Murphy and Flogging Molly.  I will always blast anything from Green Day, Dookie should it come on the radio...


My nominees are:  

1.  This blog on missions in Haiti.
2.  My good friend Danielle who I am so excited is kicking the blogging thing up.

I'm sorry there aren't many.  I really already nominated so many.  Or they've been nominated before.

And because I'm lazy, just answer the same questions I did...

1. What's your favorite Bible verse?

2. Who's your celebrity crush or best friend wannabe?

3. What's your dream vacation?

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? This can include your current or dream job!

5. How did you discover blogging?

6. What was the best or worst gift you've ever received?

7. What's your favorite TV show or movie?

8. Who are your daily blog reads?

9. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?

10. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

11.What's the most played song on your iPod?

1000 gifts

I am linking up here and here because two of my blogging faves are doing a link up on the book 1000 gifts.  Technically I am not reading the book, but heck, I've read it twice in 1 year, so that counts right?

Here's what I can tell you I thought when I read the first chapter- through tears- but honestly I loved the beginning of Anne's story because she struggled.  I've struggled so much through various things that have happened in life.  It was a huge breath of fresh air for me to know I'm not the only one.  And a huge wave of hope to know that somehow she broke free of all her fears, maybe I could too.

A year into it, I'm a far cry away from managing to count gifts enough to be at peace all the time.  Not even close.  But I have managed to stop myself in the moments and think 'Jesus help'.  Sometimes that's all I can really muster.  Most of the times it takes everything to get that out, and I really can't get to thanking Him.  But the fact that I've even changed my thinking processes to do that is huge.  Those are the hard eucharisteos as she calls it.  I'm still working on those.

The little every day gifts are pretty easy to find once you start looking for them.  I've kept the journal for awhile.  50% of the time I thank God for a gift I never bother or remember to write down.  Which means that my actual totals are much higher.  And all those thankful Thursday posts?  Those have never been written down in the journal either.  So all that to say- thousand + gifts a year is beyond possible.

Here's my list for this week:

753.  eating raisin bran with Jude
754.  A frosty morning sunrise and the time to sit and watch it
755.  2 Samuel 16- the way David loves His enemies and trusts God to have a plan within anger
756.  Isaiah 28:12- God provides me with time to rest.  I need to take it.
757.  Being woken up by a kiss from Jude
758.  Jude sleeping in which gave me time to get things prepared but also time to drink my coffee with only the sounds of birds tweeting.
759.  A bunch of sparrows at the bird feeder- which always reminds me of the song His Eye is On the Sparrow
760.  Jude excited about the playdoh balls he made.
761.  Playing football with Jude and saying "Wreck Em Tech" over and over
762.  Dancing in the living room with Jude to the Bear Necessities
763.  Eating blueberry pancakes with Jude at his little table- he was so excited to have me sit there.
764.  Spring weather at the zoo with a friend and our little kids.
765.  Jude and Charlea acting like animals and walking down the ramp on their hands and feet.  I think they were crabs?

Like I said, there are usually more that I never bother to write down.  Like all the gifts from the science museum.  And getting ice cream with Jude.  And having my doctor work with me on getting meds right.  And all the millions of gifts at the zoo.  And getting my house cleaned.  And getting a magazine in the mail.  I find keeping track of them nearly impossible....  But I guess that's a good thing :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


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Leibster Award Round 2

I got a Liebster award about a month ago, which you can read about here.  And then now one of my favorite blogging friends, Kiki at PaintchipMadness, gave me one again.  I'm pretty sure she tried not to give it to anyone who'd already gotten the award :/ I also am not sure all the people I could nominate if I wanted to, so I am going to wait to post nominations in *hopes* you lovely people will tell me of some good wee blogs out there.  And heck, let me know about yourself.  I am more than willing to nominate you!  seriously.

Facts about yours truly

1.  If I take a self portrait, my face is probably hidden by my camera.  Sometimes I pull it off with just the camera to the side.

2.  I am really good at taking a common song and turning it into something ridiculous.  Some of my past hits have included an Always Be My Baby version about my college roomates cat, Wasabi.  I don't know why the cat hated me...

3.  I named my child after the Beatles and Bob Dylan.  I am a vinyl loving junkie.

4.  I love the hippie indie vibe of Denton, Texas.  But hate the summers here and long for the coast.  Nothing says home to me like humidity so thick you can slice it.  I'm still a Nola girl in some parts of my soul.

5.  I grew up in New Orleans.  And when I first moved to Texas, people thought I talked Really Loudly.  I've since acclimated my voice level.

6.  I love art museums.  And especially abtract art.  I am totally the person who tries to think about what the artist was feeling and conveying.  My favorites are Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian.

7.  I like to sit around and debate theology and politics over fashion :/  I'm not girlie enough or something.  However, I do not debate in an angry way.  I just like the way it makes me think things anew.

8.  I adore my son because he's creative in the ways he constantly tries to build new contraptions, the way he laughs his way through life and easily makes friends, and the way he bares his soul and willingly tells me and others how he loves them.

9.  I adore my boyfriend because he is so full of grace and patience for all my struggles with anxiety and coming out of an abusive marriage, he adores my child, he will sit around and talk about theology and ideas with me for hours, he makes me laugh at just the right moment, and he has an adventurous spirit.  But mostly, he shows me what Christ's love looks like when it's lived out in the most practical, everyday ways.

10.  I adore my parents because they instilled in me the beliefs in the value of commitment and respect for others.  They never answered my political or theological questions directly, but forced me to think for myself and own my ideas.  They never tried to squash my individuality, but have accepted crazy hair and tattoos and wild ideas with grace and love.  They have helped me through the last few years in more ways than I can ever repay them.

11.  I adore my brother and my sister for challenging my personality each in their own way.  My sister helps me stay grounded and in the real world.  If it weren't for her, I'd never watch things like the Bachelor.  I would never spend hours at a mall.  I would never have purchased a Coach purse for my divorcesary.  My brother stretches my comfort zones.  He encourages kayaking in crazy places.  Dances with me in the most ridiculous, shameless ways while in his Navy uniform, and shares book ideas with me.  I am more likely to live in the woods for weeks at the time because of seeing his adventures and honestly, just being jealous of them.

So there you have 11 random facts about me.  I am going to break here because I really need help nominating people.  I really want to do justice for others because as Coretta Scott King said when she visited UNT, "never climb the ladder of success without reaching a hand back to pull someone behind you up".  Not that I've become successful.  But you know.  Helping others out is super important to me, and I need advice :)

Part 2 will have people I nominate and my answer to Kiki's questions as well as some of my own.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Party On Garth- Science Style

Ok- this post title is based off this picture.  Because seriously Jude is Garth's doppleganger in this picture.  Technically this is a post about our trip to the science museum.  But- this picture-I had to.

We went with Jude's friend who is somewhat like his big brother aka his babysitters son.  Jude asks me all the time if he can come over.  Science museum though, is much more fantastic.

First, we went to the dinosaur section.  Which both boys are wayyyy into.  As most boys are.  The huge dinosaur skeleton when you walk in, was obviously amazing.  Lots of bones.  Jude was amazed.  And of course I got the 'cheese' face when I asked him to smile.  oh toddlers :)

Digging for dinosaur bones.  He was so dedicated.  What amazes me about Jude is that as high energy as he is (and he is seriously high energy- like woh) but he can focus for really long periods of time on anything that involves building or making something or in this case digging.  He likes working on sciency things.  Future nerd :)

Ummm he looks too old here.  Dislike.  Luckily, despite appearance, he had no idea how to use this.  So he's not that big.  Yet......

Trains-  he was in Heaven.  Not pictured is the pretty much bad A ramp that they had going on here


Ok this was by far his favorite part.  Not to brag or anything, but I made a basically awesome airplane.  Dad- be proud.  All those nights on the phone to Nigeria where you in vain tried to help me fashion a matchbox car that actually rolled weren't in vain after all.  I managed to construct the most killer plane.  There is a fan at the bottom which will push the plane up the tube and back to you.  If you build it right.  Luckily, mine worked well!  Actually one time it went up and got resucked in and again went up and out.  Jude was amazed.  And I was too :)

Momma loves Jude Pie- science museum edition.  And Jude's face.  I die.