"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thomas the Train

Jude started rockin' the big boy jammies shortly after he turned 16 months.  First, he saw a pair with 'gogogs' (dogs) he just had to have.  Then we found these Thomas ones.  Jude literally held these in the cart with him the entire time we were at WalMart.  No exaggerating.  He just kept talking and talking and talking about how awesome these were.  Atleast, that's what I assume he was saying.  Even wearing them, you can see he was still infatuated as he points to one of the many amazing Thomas'.  Too cute!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did It

So I finally broke down and got Jude's hair cut.  I know there are thousands upon thousands of people who are now both shocked and thrilled and maybe scared.  I really just haven't had time to do it with working.  So with spring break this past week, it worked for me to get it done.  And let's be honest here, even I felt bad for him when he strained to see through his bangs.  It was time.

I didn't take him anywhere special to get it cut.  And really I just got it trimmed.  In all, it was probably an inch, which was enough to maintain his sweet shag, but still see.  (His stylish said he had Justin Beiber hair.... bahahahahah)  Anyway, his hair is still adorably long.  He still has all his cute curls.  He can still rock with the best of them.  But he can see.

Here's his finished look as well as the adorable certificate they gave him.  Love it!  And can you please look at how much they cut off and how long his hair still is.  Mmmk thanks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bc sometimes he wears me out

These pictures basically show you what today has been like.  The top one shows how Jude climbed and put himself in to his high chair.  The bottom shows his attempt at dragging the trash can across the kitchen and trying to get it into his cabinet.

There has been lots of climbing today.  And whining when told no.  It's been fun.

Toddlerhood is kind of a bipolar experience.  On the one hand, its kind of funny to watch all these antics go down.  They do crazy stuff, say crazy stuff (when you can understand it).  However, it's also maddening.  Literally, there are times when I think I'm going to lay on the floor and cry too.  He wants everything he shouldn't have.  Everything he can rip.  Everything he can destroy.  Everything he could potentially hurt himself with.  And he does not like it when he gets told no.

Oh for the love of all things, thank goodness for nap and bedtime.  Is it just me or do the antics and craziness get worse right before nap/bed?  Because when it gets craziest I find myself thinking, 'thank goodness he will be in bed soon'.

Anyway, it's so much fun to be home with him, and I really, really do love the little rascal.  But oh my geezums, it's exhausting.


Literacy from Ashley Doner on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Update

I have no pictures to post bc I am that behind on blogging.  So enjoy this old one.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that it blows me away how easy it is to put Jude to sleep these days.  I mean seriously.  It was not that long ago that he was sleeping most of the night with me.  And waking up constantly for no reason.  Neither of those things happen nowadays.  Sometimes he wakes up, but it takes all of 2 minutes to re-settle him.

This evening I laid him in his bed, covered him up, and realized he didn't have his gog gah (dog).  I said oops let me go get it, left him laying in bed with the light off, went and got it.  When I came back, Jude was just sitting there waiting on me.  I gave him his dog, he hugged it to his face, smiled, laid down.  I covered him up.  And that was the end of it.  No tears.  No whining.

My baby is growing up.  Thankfully his stuff dog obsession is adorable.