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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day - Day Two

So by the time last night was over, Dallas had received a record breaking 12 inches of snow. This is a record for my life. I've only experienced that much snow a handful of times, and always when visiting northern relatives. I documented many pictures of our house and neighborhood, because honestly, when will this happen again? I even recorded the melodic sound of a bluebirdsinging in pristine whiteness. And of course I documented Mr. Jude because this snow was signficant! He's still not impressed. In fact, I eventually quit the photos because he cried. Jude rarely cries, so this was saying something. Maybe my child is a southerner despite his genetics.
Our street covered in snow. Too bad today was trash day. The green cans really don't add much to the picture. Also, too bad the trash men decided not to come out in inclement weather.

Our little house...

Another street view

Our little bistro table...

Jude and Sadie

Mr. Chubby Cheeks Teddy Bear

I wanna pet my snow dog

My hand is so much more interesting and tasty than snow.

Alright, I'm done being patient.

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