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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey Jude

Hey Jude,

The weekends with you are filled with the best moments of my life. I love being able to spend all my time focused on you and dad. After our full week of teaching and babysitters and coming and going, there is nothing more peaceful that spending my down time with you.
Lately, the times I have been treasuring most are rocking you to sleep. I love the way your little head always finds its way into the nook of my arm and how you cuddle right up. I love listening to you sigh with exhaustion as you realize you are in a safe and comfortable place. I love watching your eyes flutter as you try to fight sleep. I love the way your little hand forms a fist which he you rest lightly on my chest. Sometimes when you get disturbed by a noise you fan out your little fingers, but it always closes back up. I always sit and count the little dimples in your fingers as I rock you.
If I could freeze time during these moments, I would. My mind always wanders to the future. Looking at this sweet little baby, it's hard to imagine that it's going to go so fast, and you won't be my baby forever. I can't help but think of how fleeting life really is and how these precious moments are really just one breath of my life.
I'm so thankful that God brought you in to my life if for no other reason than you remind me to take things slow. I've always been one to look ahead and anticipate that "next big step" in life. Now that you're here, I don't want life to move forward. I do my very best to appreciate every single moment. I finally understand how much of a gift each moment truly is. I feel quite blessed that you came when I was 25 so that I have (hopefully) many years to appreciate every moment that comes along.
I know it's impossible for you to be my little baby forever, but know that I never once took those moments with you for granted. I loved each one of them fully and completely.

I love you buddy.


"....But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart..." Luke 2:19

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Martha said...

i love this...so sweet... but i am still baffled that i havent met him in person!! we need to make this happen. he is too adorable! and i miss you guys too :)