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Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful... for Toddler quotes

Today I am thankful for toddler quotes.  Because- not kidding- Jude just said 'Paci I want' and it sounded just like Yoda.  I'm not a star wars fan (like at all. do not get it. at all), however, I do appreciate a good yoda styled quote.  Always a good time.  And a random one from a 2 yr old regarding a paci, well that's just awesome.

On a side note, our very creative instructional specialist made an entire powerpoint on English Language Learner Standards with a Star Wars theme.  It was probably one of the 'punniest' things I've seen in a long time.  Probably the best picture though was 'Obi Juan Kenobi' or whatever his name is. If I had that powerpoint I would seriously upload it.  I am definitely thankful I was present for that staff development opportunity.

And last, I am thankful for my bed.  And I can guarantee you I will be in it before 9:00.  It would be totally not cool and totally awesome.

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