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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful... for a pencil sharpener

As a teacher, I have to tell you that pencil sharpeners are a thing of fury and delight.  I personally have had issues buying electric pencil sharpers that go slower than the manual one in my classroom.  My manual classroom sharpener is the MOST ghetto pencil sharpener on the planet.  See below:

1.  It has no pencil cover!
2.  Pencil shavings go allllllllll over the place.  I'm sure the custodians love me.
3.  The handle is covered with pencil lead and stains your hands anytime you use it.
4.  After 20+ pencils have been sharpened, I am left with blisters on my thumb and pointer finger.  No bueno.

So, this weekend I finally bought a new pencil sharpener.  I got one from Target and it was $20, which is pretty dang cheap for an electric sharpener to be honest.  Let me tell you, this thing is pretty awesome. I sharpened NEW pencils in 20 seconds flat.  I-am-not-kidding!!!!  And already sharpened pencils?  A mere 10 seconds.  

Oh, I am sooooo in love!!!!  Today I am thankful for you Monsieur Sharpener.  You have made my life whole again.

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katebradley said...

I loved my electric pencil sharpener. It was awesome. But I was honest and since it was bought with classroom $$$ I left it in my room when I left. I still miss it when I have dull pencils at home.