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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ice Juice

There are currently 2 things in life with which I am obsessed- iced tea and Naked juice smoothies.  Ice Tea is a lifelong addiction.  It's genetic, and I come from a long line of iced tea drinkers.  Naked juice is new, but happens to work well with my attempts at a raw food diet.  At 2, Jude has attempted to discover both.

He doesn't really get ice tea.  I don't even give him juice except when he's really lucky.  However, one time I broke down and gave him some of my juice smoothie mixed with ice and a whoooollllle lot of water.  He coined the term 'ice juice'.  He now asks for ice juice all the time and it cracks me up.  He thinks he's big stuff when he gets it though.

Mom tip- Due to my raw food diet, I buy mostly Naked juice, but I have also bought general organic veggie+fruit juices from the grocery store (Kroger or the Cupboard here).  There are something like 15 veggies and fruits in it.  It has several servings per glass.  Because Jude has never been given much apple juice, he isn't aware that juice should be sweet.  Why is this a tip?  Because when he does get juice, he's getting TRUE no sugar added juice loaded with fruits and veggies.  And he loves it.  This juice shouldn't replace eating true veggies and fruits obviously, but it's a heck of a lot better than Motts apple juice!

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