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Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 7: Something Funny

A couple years ago (probably more like 5), Urban Outfitters had a book in the store on Church Signs Across America.  Anyway else remember this gem?  It was hilarious.  We all know the generic ones.  My favorite cheezeball slogan was "God answers knee-mail".  Presh.

This summer I saw a classic one at the Baptist church on Scripture street.  It said, "I Know a Place Hotter than Texas."  Ha freakin ha baby.  Of course, living through the hell that is a Texas summer (pun intended), I found that one slightly effective.

But this sign near my house on 720 might take the cake.  I mean really, "We're not all in the cemetary."  What is that even supposed to mean?  Is it because it's this teeny tiny white clapboard church that looks like it's for old people?  Is it because there is a little cemetary behind the church?  Is it because Halloween just passed?  I seriously have no idea, but thank you sweet Methodist church for the quality laugh.

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