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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photo Day6.... Books

This is my Book To Do List (that I've bought so far.  I actually have lots of books I want to buy and read posted to pinterest also.)  I am currently working on "The Princess Bride" because I just finished "The God Who Is There, which was part of the Schaeffer Trilogy book you see.  I felt I needed something light.  After I finish Bride, I plan on moving back to Schaeffer to finish off Escape to Reason and He is There and He is Not Silent.

I've technically read halfway through The Time Traveler's Wife.  I'm determined to finish it, but honestly, it just can't capture my attention.  The only thing I really enjoy about it honestly is that it takes place in Chicago and there are numerous references to old punk bands.  I don't know that I would recommend it, but the cover picture and colors are really pretty I think.  They've had good marketing, which is half the reason I buy books.

The bottom book is one I've looked for for years, ever since I was 18 and took a random history class at the local community college.  My professor referenced this book.  It basically talks about how 4 basic generations have cycled through American history.  The way it cycled made sense. I don't remember all of them.  1 was like the generation that does what they are supposed to.  The GI generation being the most obvious.  Then there were the rebellious generations like the 20s and the 60s.  I don't remember what else, but it sounded fascinating and I picked it up literally for like 97 cents on amazon.

Anyway, to tie this to Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for reading.  For the escape in to other worlds.  For the challenge to my current thinking.  For the inspiration it gives me.  For the way it changes the way I see myself.  For the freedom it gives me to break away from things that held me back.  For the way it is through reading the Bible that I grow closer to God.  For the times each day I get to read to my sweet class.  For the way it goes so perfectly with snuggling with a toddler or in your favorite chair or in your bed.  For the way it goes perfectly with coffee and cold nights and snowy mornings.  There is no pastime more closely associated with comfort to me.  I love reading.

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