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Monday, March 25, 2013

Too Cute Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was different from our norm in the sense that 
1.  my parents were in town 
2.  no date night except that Jimmy came to dinner with my fam
3.  i hung out with my sister

Good times were had by all.  But first, here is my edition of TOO CUTE... 

My sleeping child in the car and his sweet sweet sweet little fist.  Gah- dead.  Why oh why are they just so precious when they sleep.  So precious your heart literally aches for time to just stop.  Jude fell asleep in the car Friday night on the way to dinner.  Right now, we are trying to find the happy medium of naps.  Jude will nap for 4 hours- daily.  But then not go to sleep.  I've tried nixing the nap so he goes to bed early.  But then he's exhausted.  Parenting- a tale in trial and error.  I tell you...

Saturday was cold and rainy (side note- what the heck spring!).  Jude made himself comfortable by turning on the fire place and getting cozy with his favorite movie, Beethoven.  We watch that movie on repeat, honestly.  He spent the afternoon doing man stuff with my dad, while us girls went shopping.  Easter clothes for the win :)

That night, my sister, her friend and I went to a concert at the House of Blues.  I didn't know either of the bands prior to going.  I was just excited to go to a concert!  The last time I was at HOB, it was for Dropkick Murphy and there was a lot of moshing and jumping.  This time it was for Ben Rector.  There were a lot of sorority girls.  And by a lot- I mean that's all that was there.  ::define irony::  Anyway, it was fun.  I was more partial to the opening band, Alpha Rev.  Kind of Ryan Adams ish, which I dig.  I recommend.  I mainly really enjoyed having girl time and just laughing with my sister, who I literally thought was going to throw down if one more 18 yr old cut in front of her.  My sister is like 100 lbs and 5'2", so you can imagine how intimidating she is :)  She blames job stress haha.  Yolo- haha that's for my sis...

The best part was I think this is the first time Ben Rector has ever sold out a big name place.  This was the 4th show in the tour for one thing, and it was the first one in the tour to sell out.  It was kinda cool because he was so stinkin excited.  I think he sort of felt like 'he arrived' ya know.  It was fun to be able to be apart of something you know he will remember.  I mean he's stoked!

Girls!!!!  Night!!!!

Sunday we did it right.  Re-lax-a-tion.  I don't think I moved from the couch much if at all.  Old woman at a concert where she stands all night means I must lay down all the next day.  #fact  Luckily, Jude was down for the chillin...  Thankful!

 I read some of my small group book while I was on the couch.  Didn't want it to be a complete waste of time ;)  And I was just really struck by the truths of this section.  Especially because I struggle with impatience.  Mostly because I get nervous about things going wrong- not so much that I'm in a hurry.  But I do want to be perfect.  In the end though, my impatience because of fear hurts others, and that's a problem.  I am really loving the ideas of this book and just how its pushing me to love and embrace others more!  Side note- I am going to try to do book review posts as I finish books, so this will be included :)

And on that note, here is my lazy face.  No makeup.  No shame.  I loved every second of it.

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Aanie @ The Active Mum said...

I just typed a comment on my phone and hit publish and *poof* its disappeared off into cyberspace!! Sooo the short version was: Fun weekend! Jude = great sleeper. wow!! Enjoyed the post!! Lol xx

Danielle In The City said...

I got to go to Ben rector's first show in New York ever a couple of years ago. He opened for Matt wertz and e was positively giddy to be playing in NY at a fairly large venue at that. It's been cool to see him blow up since then! I like him a lot

Susannah said...

What adorable pics of the little guy. Glad you got to have a relaxing weekend. :-)