"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Sunday, March 31, 2013

'Ragin' Date Night

Last night, Jimmy and I went to a local 'Cajun' restaurant.  Having grown up in New Orleans, I am painfully aware of how Gulf Coast/Cajun food should taste.  No restaurant ever compares to home, but it's nice to go and reminisce about friends, family, newspaper covered with crawfish, humidity(truth) and mossy Spanish Oaks anyway.  It was a fun time :)

We chowed down on crawfish, which I'm slightly convinced is 50% part of the experience of bonding over eating your food like a complete slob and having crawfish juice dripping all the way down to your elbows :)  Jimmy was all business.  Obviously, I was ridiculously excited because I have my 'OMG' smile going on here.  We may or may not of referenced Duck Dynasty several times during this....

We stopped and semi watched the sun set on a small body of water (which in NTX terms means a man made lake...).  Side note- Jimmy grew up along the Texas Coast, so we both have a certain affection for water.  After eating seafood, we both felt we needed to see some water.  :)  We had a drink, watched the end of the sunset from the wall of windows (where you can see our reflection later on...)  Then we walked around the lake a wee bit.  Can you spot us?

Date Night Duds- I seriously could wear long skirts and t shirts on the daily.  I'm so blessed to have a guy who appreciates the casual side like woah.  I keep thinking I need to get more adventurous again, but the whole heels thing always turns me away...

Skirt- Target
Tshirt- Target
Headband- a belt from F21 I cut
Bracelets- Freeset

I am really excited about this Bob Marley shirt.  And not pictured is the Bob Dylan one I bought.  I like my Bobs of music ;)  I was listening to Bob Marley in the delivery room when I had Jude.  I find his music so calming, inspiring, and honestly, I just want to live on an island too.  And Jude's middle name is Dylan...  So all that to say, both remind me of my little guy.

The bracelets are by this company called Freeset.  I recently bought them along with my new favorite teacher bag.  It's a really great company.  They hire women they save from human trafficking, train them, and employ them making bags, bracelets, etc.  There are a ridiculous number of people enslaved today.  It's daunting to try to think of how to help.  It's a small thing to do, but it's worth it.  Think of purchasing with purpose next time you need something :)



hannah singer said...

cheers to long skirts and t shirts. amen.

happy new week to you!

Charlotte said...

I have yet to do the crawfish thing... I guess I won't have really lived in NOLA until I do! You rock long skirts and t shirts. You definitely make being a mom look really hip. I have been thinking some long skirts will be good casual attire after the baby is here, now I'm convinced :)