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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Party On Garth- Science Style

Ok- this post title is based off this picture.  Because seriously Jude is Garth's doppleganger in this picture.  Technically this is a post about our trip to the science museum.  But- this picture-I had to.

We went with Jude's friend who is somewhat like his big brother aka his babysitters son.  Jude asks me all the time if he can come over.  Science museum though, is much more fantastic.

First, we went to the dinosaur section.  Which both boys are wayyyy into.  As most boys are.  The huge dinosaur skeleton when you walk in, was obviously amazing.  Lots of bones.  Jude was amazed.  And of course I got the 'cheese' face when I asked him to smile.  oh toddlers :)

Digging for dinosaur bones.  He was so dedicated.  What amazes me about Jude is that as high energy as he is (and he is seriously high energy- like woh) but he can focus for really long periods of time on anything that involves building or making something or in this case digging.  He likes working on sciency things.  Future nerd :)

Ummm he looks too old here.  Dislike.  Luckily, despite appearance, he had no idea how to use this.  So he's not that big.  Yet......

Trains-  he was in Heaven.  Not pictured is the pretty much bad A ramp that they had going on here


Ok this was by far his favorite part.  Not to brag or anything, but I made a basically awesome airplane.  Dad- be proud.  All those nights on the phone to Nigeria where you in vain tried to help me fashion a matchbox car that actually rolled weren't in vain after all.  I managed to construct the most killer plane.  There is a fan at the bottom which will push the plane up the tube and back to you.  If you build it right.  Luckily, mine worked well!  Actually one time it went up and got resucked in and again went up and out.  Jude was amazed.  And I was too :)

Momma loves Jude Pie- science museum edition.  And Jude's face.  I die.


Danielle In The City said...

I love taking my friends boys to the museums in the city, especially the Museum of Natural History, or "the dinosaur museum," as they call it.... So fun to see their faces

ThistleAshD said...

It was a super fun time- something I definitely need to be better about doing with him!

katebradley said...

So fun! Glad you are getting to enjoy your break with him!

Tommi said...

You are a good momma and good at recording all these wonderful memories. Ask Jimmy if he ever "made a memory" on any surf trips with his dad an bro and cousin. After he chokes on whatever he is eating or drinking (from laughing), he just might tell you a good story. So sad you guys couldn't come down this week, but I guess your next chance is summer break. The door is always open!

ThistleAshD said...

Thanks! Breaks are so stinkin awesome! And now I can't wait till summer ....

ThistleAshD said...

Awww thanks. I hope I'm good at this- some days I wonder :)

Jimmy has told me bits and pieces of surf trips here and there. He's had such an adventurous life!

And I was really disappointed too and definite want to get down there this summer sometime !