"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Friday, March 15, 2013

1000 gifts

I am linking up here and here because two of my blogging faves are doing a link up on the book 1000 gifts.  Technically I am not reading the book, but heck, I've read it twice in 1 year, so that counts right?

Here's what I can tell you I thought when I read the first chapter- through tears- but honestly I loved the beginning of Anne's story because she struggled.  I've struggled so much through various things that have happened in life.  It was a huge breath of fresh air for me to know I'm not the only one.  And a huge wave of hope to know that somehow she broke free of all her fears, maybe I could too.

A year into it, I'm a far cry away from managing to count gifts enough to be at peace all the time.  Not even close.  But I have managed to stop myself in the moments and think 'Jesus help'.  Sometimes that's all I can really muster.  Most of the times it takes everything to get that out, and I really can't get to thanking Him.  But the fact that I've even changed my thinking processes to do that is huge.  Those are the hard eucharisteos as she calls it.  I'm still working on those.

The little every day gifts are pretty easy to find once you start looking for them.  I've kept the journal for awhile.  50% of the time I thank God for a gift I never bother or remember to write down.  Which means that my actual totals are much higher.  And all those thankful Thursday posts?  Those have never been written down in the journal either.  So all that to say- thousand + gifts a year is beyond possible.

Here's my list for this week:

753.  eating raisin bran with Jude
754.  A frosty morning sunrise and the time to sit and watch it
755.  2 Samuel 16- the way David loves His enemies and trusts God to have a plan within anger
756.  Isaiah 28:12- God provides me with time to rest.  I need to take it.
757.  Being woken up by a kiss from Jude
758.  Jude sleeping in which gave me time to get things prepared but also time to drink my coffee with only the sounds of birds tweeting.
759.  A bunch of sparrows at the bird feeder- which always reminds me of the song His Eye is On the Sparrow
760.  Jude excited about the playdoh balls he made.
761.  Playing football with Jude and saying "Wreck Em Tech" over and over
762.  Dancing in the living room with Jude to the Bear Necessities
763.  Eating blueberry pancakes with Jude at his little table- he was so excited to have me sit there.
764.  Spring weather at the zoo with a friend and our little kids.
765.  Jude and Charlea acting like animals and walking down the ramp on their hands and feet.  I think they were crabs?

Like I said, there are usually more that I never bother to write down.  Like all the gifts from the science museum.  And getting ice cream with Jude.  And having my doctor work with me on getting meds right.  And all the millions of gifts at the zoo.  And getting my house cleaned.  And getting a magazine in the mail.  I find keeping track of them nearly impossible....  But I guess that's a good thing :)


Aunt Cherri said...

Your comment about mustering "Jesus help me" reminds me of when I was spending each day taking Gma to the cancer center. She wanted me to take her, I'd always taken her to the doctor and she wanted me to take her to the cancer center. It was difficult to go there, for obvious reasons, but right off the bat, the first day she went for a treatment, there was an old man that looked like my dad in his final stage of life. Even down to the suspenders. I nearly lost it but couldn't. I found myself praying each day four little words: Lord, give me strength." What power in those words!!! These days when I am exhausted in helping out with Zane, all the running to/from school,helping Mindie with her girls,Uncle Roy changing shifts at work, on and on, I find myself praying those words again. It's a prayer He ALWAYS answers! Hangeth thou in there, you're doing fine!

meg mcilvaine said...

love reading thoughts from someone who's already finished the book! love your list. and yes! there are so many i don't write down. so many silent gifts. :)

p.s. your little jude is so cute. love seeing all your pics on instagram :)

ThistleAshD said...

truth: in our weakness- and ability to only mutter help- He is strong!!! Such a good thing to remember that we don't have to be able to do much- and that tiny bit is enough :)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

girl :) you are such an encouragement!! "Jesus help be be thankful" what a cry and what an admirable heart. i love the joy you find in life and i love doing this gift list with you!