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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leibster Award Round 2

I got a Liebster award about a month ago, which you can read about here.  And then now one of my favorite blogging friends, Kiki at PaintchipMadness, gave me one again.  I'm pretty sure she tried not to give it to anyone who'd already gotten the award :/ I also am not sure all the people I could nominate if I wanted to, so I am going to wait to post nominations in *hopes* you lovely people will tell me of some good wee blogs out there.  And heck, let me know about yourself.  I am more than willing to nominate you!  seriously.

Facts about yours truly

1.  If I take a self portrait, my face is probably hidden by my camera.  Sometimes I pull it off with just the camera to the side.

2.  I am really good at taking a common song and turning it into something ridiculous.  Some of my past hits have included an Always Be My Baby version about my college roomates cat, Wasabi.  I don't know why the cat hated me...

3.  I named my child after the Beatles and Bob Dylan.  I am a vinyl loving junkie.

4.  I love the hippie indie vibe of Denton, Texas.  But hate the summers here and long for the coast.  Nothing says home to me like humidity so thick you can slice it.  I'm still a Nola girl in some parts of my soul.

5.  I grew up in New Orleans.  And when I first moved to Texas, people thought I talked Really Loudly.  I've since acclimated my voice level.

6.  I love art museums.  And especially abtract art.  I am totally the person who tries to think about what the artist was feeling and conveying.  My favorites are Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian.

7.  I like to sit around and debate theology and politics over fashion :/  I'm not girlie enough or something.  However, I do not debate in an angry way.  I just like the way it makes me think things anew.

8.  I adore my son because he's creative in the ways he constantly tries to build new contraptions, the way he laughs his way through life and easily makes friends, and the way he bares his soul and willingly tells me and others how he loves them.

9.  I adore my boyfriend because he is so full of grace and patience for all my struggles with anxiety and coming out of an abusive marriage, he adores my child, he will sit around and talk about theology and ideas with me for hours, he makes me laugh at just the right moment, and he has an adventurous spirit.  But mostly, he shows me what Christ's love looks like when it's lived out in the most practical, everyday ways.

10.  I adore my parents because they instilled in me the beliefs in the value of commitment and respect for others.  They never answered my political or theological questions directly, but forced me to think for myself and own my ideas.  They never tried to squash my individuality, but have accepted crazy hair and tattoos and wild ideas with grace and love.  They have helped me through the last few years in more ways than I can ever repay them.

11.  I adore my brother and my sister for challenging my personality each in their own way.  My sister helps me stay grounded and in the real world.  If it weren't for her, I'd never watch things like the Bachelor.  I would never spend hours at a mall.  I would never have purchased a Coach purse for my divorcesary.  My brother stretches my comfort zones.  He encourages kayaking in crazy places.  Dances with me in the most ridiculous, shameless ways while in his Navy uniform, and shares book ideas with me.  I am more likely to live in the woods for weeks at the time because of seeing his adventures and honestly, just being jealous of them.

So there you have 11 random facts about me.  I am going to break here because I really need help nominating people.  I really want to do justice for others because as Coretta Scott King said when she visited UNT, "never climb the ladder of success without reaching a hand back to pull someone behind you up".  Not that I've become successful.  But you know.  Helping others out is super important to me, and I need advice :)

Part 2 will have people I nominate and my answer to Kiki's questions as well as some of my own.


Kiki said...

Girl, I loved reading these random facts about you! And hooray for a second Liebster Award--your blog definitely deserves more!

And I definitely take self-portraits like you! I'm hoping to practice (or majorly fail but at least attempt) to take more with the timer once I have more time on my hands! :)

Tommi said...

As the mom of Random Fact #9, it is encouraging to hear such gracious words about my son. He has been a blessing in our lives too.

ThistleAshD said...

Tommi- I've sad it before but I am beyond grateful for the way you raised #9. Y'all did an amazing job and sometimes I just can't believe how incredibly kind he is and how he is just a gentle servant. Literally the best guy I know!