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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Too Cute Trains and Pirate Hooks

This is week 2 of Too Cute Tuesday with Megan and Kenzie.  And as promised it is going to consist of me showing you how Jude has done things that are too cute this week.  

Exhibit A:  Train tracks.  Jude builds his tracks all over my dining area.  All over our living room.  All over his bedroom.  Basically anywhere (especially anyway I am highly likely to walk over and trip ;)  I adore this shot of him with the tracks, laying down staring off.  It is just Too Cute!

I'm not sure this is Too Cute.  More like Too Funny.  But the other night, I had put Jude to bed.  As usual I heard lots of rustling.  He plays about 30 minutes before going to bed.  Anyway, it'd been about his usual 30, so I walked in to check on him.  And I saw this.  Apparently that nights rendition of 'things to do Besides sleeping' included opening the entry table with a pirate hook.  I mean.  Naturally.

I love my little boy.  He's just too cute.  He makes me laugh.  And sometimes, I need that :)


DaisyGirl said...

He's definitely too cute!! That black and white picture is a true keeper!

Megan Card said...

Of course this is too cute! It's adorable! My boys love pirates and trains, so I am well accustomed to seeing them all over my house.

Thanks for linking up with us again this week! xoxo