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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poor Baby

So Jude started getting sick yesterday afternoon/early yesterday evening. No it is not in relation to his psycho parents dragging him out in to the snow. I somehow caught some stuffy nose/soar throat thing over Thanksgiving or maybe before. Jude naturally received this early Christmas present.

I had been dreading that first sick day with a baby. I have heard the horror stories of babies screaming and up all night, not to mention the incessant eating from the mother's already overworked body. (Note Jude still has not changed his every 2 hour eating schedule.) I could only imagine how often he would eat if he got sick. Non step breast fest.

All my worries were in vain though. We seriously have the easiest sick baby in the world. All Jude wants to do is sleep. I have to wake him up to eat. I've gotten more done in the past 24 hours than any other day with him. And bonus, the only time he cries is after I have shoved the nose squeegie up about 3 or 4 times on one side. I can't even fault him for that. Who wants to be woken up with a big tube shoved up your nose suctioning large amounts of snot.

So here's my late thanksgiving prayer- Dear God, I would really like you to make my little baby well. However, if he is going to be sick, thank you that he is soooo easy going about it! And thank you that he loves to cuddle all the time. So sweet!

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