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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Break on through....

Michael was Mr. Mom for a couple days this past week while I was working. I was extremely curious as to how this would go since Michael has never been alone with Jude. Even when I let him hang out with Jude while I do things like shower or whatever, the second Jude even whimpers Michael comes to me and asks, "uh AB what do I do?" Needless to say, I was wondering how this would all go.

Well Michael in all his creativity, discovered one of Jude's new favorite things. Michael loves the Doors, among other various classic rock artists. In attempt to entertain Jude, he pulled from his arsenal of classic rock lyrics. He would sing a song and hope Jude liked it. After a few attempts, he tried "Break on Through to the Other Side". Jude loves this! Something about the chorus just makes him smile and smile. I was skeptical at first, but the pictures are proof. You can see how much fun they are having "bonding" over rock and roll....

Some of my favorite childhood memories include listening to old records with my dad. I'm excited Jude will have similar types of memories.

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Crista said...

Simply adorable:)!! So sorry we're missing it but that's just life I guess:). Blogs make that much better though:). Thanks for keeping this up Ashley! If anyone knows the amount of work it can be, it's me, and I do appreciate it:).

Love you all and merry Christmas!