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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nursery Ideas

So now that we have finally closed on our house, I am seriously piecing together Jude's nursery. Michael and my dad have been busy painting the house, and Jude's room is painted 'Devonshire' by Ralph Lauren. It's a basic taupe/yellow color. We went back and forth between that and a green. I don't want to feel confined to using the same theme as he grows older, and taupe's are so easy to play around with.

The general 'theme' for his nursery is vintage with a touch of classic trains. My inspiration came from two places: 1) Michael was obsessed with trains as a boy and cannot wait to get out his Lionel train set to play with Jude and 2) last Christmas Michael's mom gave him an old stream train luggage shelf that she found in some antique store. I've decided this shelf would be perfect in his nursery. It's an actual vintage train item, so it looks more classy than just plastering train pics all over.

I've been spending his nap times looking on the internet for pics to inspire me. Most of these are off of baby blogs I found on topbabyblogs.com
We are going with the classic Jenny Lind crib because it has the most vintage look about it. It's a classic...

This picture I love because of the lighting. In general, lighting might be one of my favorite things about decorating. It can completely change a room. I like the idea of the lighting not being centralized, but rather spaced about.

Ok, I have been saying I wanted to buy a cheap mobile to cut the pieces off and hang little toy trains from it. This person obviously read my mind, but is even better. I love the simplicity of the wire. Bonus: I can definitely do this myself! Also, all these different objects made me think of being more creative than just trains. For example, perhaps a swatch of engineer patterned cloth or an old train ticket...

This is the Kasey bedding from Pottery Barn Kids that we have already bought. Classic without having pictures of trains all over the place.

Yes, I know this is a girl's nursery, but I love the lighting. It's similar to the other picture in that the lighting is not centralized. However, I love how soft and soothing the lighting is. It makes the room seem so calm and tranquil. Now I just need to find fixtures that would shine in this way, but more masculine.

So that's where I am with this. Michael's parents will be here from Jan 15th - 25th and I know they will enjoy helping us. Michael and his dad have plans to build a train track to go around the top of the wall which will be awesome.

I'm just excited to finally start my 'nesting' however late...

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allie-mac-fallie said...

First of All, Congrats on your new home! I didn't know that you all had closed on it/ moved in!! That is sooo exciting and I bet you are loving it! Where did you end up finding it??
Second of all- I too love the lighting that you have chosen! You could always have the lighting of the first picture and have the other lighting with lamps- either in the wall or just freestanding ones... I can not wait to see what it turns out like- I am sure that it will be amazing no matter what you choose! I also, LOVE the idea of the train around the celling! my husband is also a huge fan of trains :) like you said, so classic! love it!