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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Too Tired for Tummy Time

Jude spent his Saturday morning spending some quality Dad time. This was particularly special because Michael is always so busy with school and work. Dad time is precious indeed.

I love this picture because they both look like they are having so much fun hanging out together.

Jude has this awesome tendancy to do these half smiles where he raises his left side of his mouth. I call this his Elvis face.

This picture melts my heart just a little bit.

Here you see Jude being active and playing on his back....

Then, we flip him over for the required tummy time. And this is what happens. He falls asleep.

Apparently, laying on his stomach is really comfortable for him. This is not the first time it's happened actually. He loves it! I can't blame him. I'd hate having to sleep on my back all the time too.

Check out those chubby cheeks! We actually let Jude stay like this because we were in the living room with him the whole time- and watching him like a hawk I might add. He seriously took his longest nap ever. It was well over 2 hours. Normally, I'm lucky to get an hour and half out of him. This napping position is highly tempting for mommy...

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