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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Well I did it. I survived 5 whole days away from my baby. The only way I can say I made it is prayer, prayer, prayer. And lots of it. Looking back, it amazed me I cried as little as I did. I hope everyone continues to pray for me when I go back on January 5th. That will be much harder. Counting down from 5 days to two weeks off is not that bad.

Jude survived it. He actually was a real sweetheart and starting sleeping 7 hours straight Sunday night. What a welcome surprise for a work day. Actually that first night, I woke up confused because I was so used to getting up at 1 to feed him. I barely slept between 1 and 3:30 when he actually woke up. I just knew he would start crying any minute. Wrong. My baby is growing up.

The sweetest (and possibly what made me cry the most) thing is that being gone so long made me realize how much Jude recognizes me. I had never been gone really so it really wasn't obvious. However, the second I walk in the door and open my mouth he stops what he's doing. I had no idea he really could recognize my voice. Let me tell you, this warms my heart like nothing else! Plus, within 5 minutes of him realizing I'm home, he always wants to eat even though he usually just ate. Sorry if that is TMI. Eating is really the only way he knows how to be close to me and interact with me at this age. I think it's really sweet that that's the first thing he thinks of when I get home. I really can't hardly believe he actually knows how to miss me. What a sweet baby!

Also, he seems to realize that I leave around 6:30 because at 6:00 he wakes up ready to play. It's like he knows that this is the only chance he will get to play with me for awhile so he wants to take advantage of it. He makes me feel special!

All in all, it went well. I can't say I made it to school on time every day, but it was a good trial run. Now, I'm ready to make the most of the next 2 weeks off. Nothing like 5 days without your baby to make you appreciate all those special moments even more.

Here are some sweet pictures of Jude during this week:

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-2 said...

It might just be the angle, but he looks SO big!! I love it! Hang in there, lady. Praying for you.