"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mmmm Aaah went the little green frog one day

Does anyone recognize that childhood song? I used to like it, although I think my sister Megan was the one who came home singing it and I just thought it was funny to watch her. On the aahh part you are supposed to stick your tongue out like a frog. Talk about preschool fun!

I think of this song a lot when Jude is playing. He makes the cutest sounds and expressions when he is playing these days! Would you like to know what his favorite "toy" is? His tongue. Greatest thing ever in his opinion. I can just picture him loving the mmm ahhh song in a couple years! Enjoy this video with Jude and his favorite "friend".

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