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Thursday, December 24, 2009

2 month visit

Jude had his 2 month doctor visit yesterday. The doctor said he was doing great! She said he's really strong as far as being able to support himself on his tummy, standing on his legs, and of course holding his head up. He's such a wiggle worm, so I wasn't really surprised by that.

We talked about his clogged tear duct, which apparently can remain clogged for up to a year. Looks like I may potentially be cleaning eye boogers for a long time!

She thinks his continuously stuffy nose may actually have been less of a cold and more like allergies. I blame Michael's genes for this. His allergies are horrendous.

Jude is a completely average baby. He was in the 50% for height, weight, and head circumfrence. He is 23 inches and 11 pounds, 13 ounces.

After our preliminary research, we decided to pass on the shots for now. I don't think we are going to be completely hardcore and never vaccinate. For now, we are planning on waiting until Jude is 2-3 years old.
We enjoyed hearing everyone's opinions and perspectives. However, we decided to wait because the only people who could support their claims with evidence and research were those who said "wait". So we are waiting, at least until we have time to do more thorough research. I am planning on starting with talking to the Denton County Health Dept on the prevalence of the vaccinated diseases and deaths. If a particular disease (and causing deaths or serious side effects) is actually common in our area, it would make sense to vaccinate. If not, there really is no need.
Regardless, we are waiting. When we do decide to vaccinate, we will only get one shot at a time and wait a couple weeks to give the next one. We possibly will be driving to Dallas to do this because so far I only know of a pediatrician down there who is willing to seperate out vaccines. IE one vaccine for measles, then a couple weeks the vaccine for mumps, then another couple weeks for rubella, etc. This seems to be the most responsible choice. The reality is none of the drug companies ever test to see how this process affects infants, so why risk it?

I know other people have different opinions, and that is fine. We have chosen to wait. I am going to continue researching Denton County and vaccines in general. Eventually, I will post my findings for your information to use as you like.
I do think every parent should truly research this topic BEFORE vaccinating their child. Just asking your doctor his or her opinion does not really constitute getting the full story....

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Crista said...

Good work mom and dad! Not an easy choice, but it's what we're doing too. :)C