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Saturday, August 29, 2009

32 weeks and a large jicama

So holy cow, we are 8 months pregnant! This ride has yet to slow down it seems. Jude is now 3.75 pounds and 16.7 inches long, or so. He is roughly the size of a large jicama. (I, for one, am not sure I have ever seen one of these.) I should be gaining a pound a week nowadays, half of which will go to Jude as he starts fattening up. He also now has fingernails, toenails, and adorable little peach fuzz hair. The real question now is will he be born with rock star hair like his daddy?

Other news, I started back to school this week officially, and I am feeling every bit of the 32 weeks and 35 lbs that I've gained. (Yes, I know 35 sounds like a lot, but my mom gained 50 each time so back off!) By the end of the day, I am fairly exhausted as expected. My feet our huge, as also expected. I love my new kids. Second graders are sooo much funnier than 3rd graders. My goal is to write more of this stuff down. I've already forgotten some of their funny pregnancy quotes. However, one of them gave me the quote of the century. Every year, I tell the kids a little about me. This year I was telling them about how I'm going to have a baby. As soon as I said that, this one little boy, Allen, says "So that's why you're so fat!!!" Then proceeds to have this look of relief wash over him. Apparently he was gravely concerned about my concentrated weight. Hilarious!

I had a doctor's appointment this week. Everything seems to be going well. She thinks everything looks good. The heartbeat was 153. (Heartbeats are supposed to be between 120-160 fyi). Jude's was a little bit higher than his normally is because I had just eaten a cookie- ha! She also noticed my fat feet and is suggesting that I get prescription stockings. As if it's not enough I was already suffering from being self conscious about my fat belly, I have to add prescription stockings to my sexy ensemble? Really!? Not excited. Don't expect a picture of THOSE to come anytime soon.... I still haven't dropped that prescription off...

FYI Michael took maternity pics of me in a field (that left us both with chigger bites). Those will get posted sometime this week as soon as he gets done photoshopping them.

8 weeks to go!

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