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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Childbirth Class

Michael and I went to childbirth class today. It really was not that interesting. The majority of the time was spent answering questions for people that I had researched for myself awhile ago. We only went for the labor and breathing exercises and information. As of right now, our plan is still to attempt to do this naturally. I am open to the use of an epidural. I am hoping Michael will help me throughout the process be realistic about how much pain I really will be able to handle. In the next month, I will talk to my doctor about drinking raspberry leaf tea to prepare. The nurses teaching the class today confirmed that it will in fact help. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it. After listening to the nurse describe it, I feel energized and capable of at least attempting it. If I get there and can't do it, getting an epidural will not be the end of the world. At the end of the day, we'll still have a baby.

The most encouraging tidbit of information learned was the different things we can bring from home to help relax us. I was very excited to hear that there will be a cd player in our room. YES!!! Here's our birthing plan: natural if possible. Bob Marley. I mean seriously, can anyone think of a type of music that would relax you more? Bob Marley is the most relaxing music I can think of. Reggae is island music so it has that calming, ocean effect. It has a nice, steady beat that energizes you without overwhelming you. His voice is peaceful. Plus, you have lyrics like "Oh I gotta keep on moving..." Not actually about childbirth, but a way to remember to keep working through the process. Anyway, I'm set I think. We can do this, and it's going to be good.

11 weeks to go!

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