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Saturday, August 22, 2009

DMA and an Indian beat

Last night was both mine and Jude's first trip to the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). I went there with a couple friends for a girls night out. They have this pretty awesome set up for late summer nights where everything is opened as well as some special attractions such as live music, spoken word/poetry, movies, etc. Very interesting and lots to see, although I confess I would have enjoyed it ever so much more while not pregnant. Too much walking with my swollen feet. Boo.
One of the live music scenes was in a particular gallery that focuses on Indian/Tibetan art. One particular highlight was the free samples of this Indian dip with crackers. Cannot remember what it was called. Regardless, delicious. Jude's favorite part of the Indian experience was surprisingly not the food. He seemed to enjoy the music the most. We were listening to some Indian musicians play music using various folk instruments. During one particular song, there was a lot of percussion. Jude started going nuts inside during this song! From what I read, it is not unreasonable to assume he could hear the music and the beats. He sure seemed to enjoy them.
This isn't the first time he has actively responded to a strong beat. During one of our many weddings this summer, he reacted the same way to a hip hop song with a strong beat. Very interesting. For those of you who don't know, Michael was originially a drummer, so the fact that his son appears to really respond to strong beats in music prenatally is worthy of note. Like father, like son? Possibly. Only time will tell. In the mean time, Michael and I are trying to think of songs to 'experiment' with and see how Jude responds to them. Stay tuned!

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allie-mac-fallie said...

that is so neat! :) sounds like fun! and if i hear anything that Jude might like I will letcha know :)