"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Michael made a really sweet and sensitive comment yesterday. "So are you entering that waddling stage, because you are walking funny." Umm, guess so?!

Ever since he mentioned that, I've noticed that he probably is right. When he said that, I attempted to walk in a straight line so to speak. It was insane how it took serious, focused effort to walk 'normal'. Walking has become quite a laborious task. Never mind the energy it now takes to get up from a sitting or worse laying down position. Seriously, getting up off the couch is my workout for the day, although if Michael is around I cheat and have him give me a push. Regardless, carrying 25+ lbs straight out in front of you clearly has an effect on your gait. I have to admit, I probably am waddling a bit. The worst part is that by the end of my waddling trek from one spot to another, I'm usually breathing pretty heavily. (I've been told that this is nothing to worry about. It's just a growing baby jutting himself into my lung/diaphragm area.) Even though it's normal, I just look and sound plain pathetic.

So what's the main idea? Being pregnant is a whole new lesson in humility. My daily life now consists of walking funny and relying on others for help with simple tasks. One of the things Michael has disputed with me throughout our relationship is my need to be self sufficient. Well, there's no room for self sufficiency in pregnancy. It's amazing the ways God finds to teach these basic life lessons. I'm learning. I can rely on people to help with nearly everything, and that's ok. God has put people like Michael in my life for that very purpose. So far, I'm learning not only humility, but also thankfulness, because I really am lucky to have Michael and everyone else pushing me up one couch at a time...

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