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Saturday, September 5, 2009

7 weeks to go!

We are 33 weeks Ladies and Gents with a lucky number of 7 to go. The anticipation is building as we get ever so close, although with the craziness of us buying a house in short sale (and our realtor failing to tell us how long it takes) we have a lot of apprehension as well. Please keep praying!
Week 33 is the week of the pineapple, which honestly makes me crave pineapple. Is anyone else as obsessed with fresh pineapple as I am? Yum. Our big boy is now over 4 pounds and 17 inches. Believe me, I FEEL like I am growing every day now. He's continuing to lose the alien fetus look, thank goodness. Although, when I think about childbirth, Jude being a cute, pudgy baby doesn't seem necessary. I'd love for him to hold out on that look until AFTER he is born. His skeleton is continuing to harden more and more, which is also good as we approach the birth day. I'm thinking its probably a good thing I feel this need to drink milk for breakfast and lunch...

7 weeks to go!

PS- Michael is almost done photoshopping my official unofficial belly shots. Those will be posted soon. Try not to judge me by how fat I look. It's about commemorating the experience...

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