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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pregnancy Reflections

I've been enjoying my rainy Sunday by doing one of my current favorite things- researching all there is to know about pregnancy whether that be by the week, the trimester, whatever. I love keeping up with all my preggo friends out there and remember back to what it was like to be where they are in their pregnancy or looking forward to where they are in anticipation. As I near the end of this journey, I have been taking time to reflect on how this is a once in a lifetime experience. While Michael and I plan on having 2 or 3 more kiddos sometime in the future, never again will I experience pregnancy for the first time. I've been told that each pregnancy is as different as each child, but I just can't help but think it will never again be the same. Don't get me wrong, I won't miss being pregnant, but it really is an exciting time in the life of a couple. It's exciting to go places as a couple and take pictures and just talk about who you think this little person is going to become. It's an amazing time of transformation physically, emotionally, spiritually, and just generally as a couple. Sometimes it's a little brutal, but what growing experience isn't? No pun intended.

All this to say, I have 6 weeks left, and while each day I get a little less sleep, a little more uncomfortable, and tons more swollen, I'm hoping that I can have an appreciative attitude. Pregnancy is really and truly a gift and a blessing. I hope that I will have my eyes wide open in wonder as I continue to experience the end for the first time. I hope that I savor each moment as something special, without always looking forward to that next step. Each moment is unique and it's the only one I'll have. My parting words to all those pregnant friends and friends who will one day become pregnant: Enjoy it. These are the only 40 weeks of your life where God literally takes you alongside Him in the creative process in the most intimate way. As women, we get to be part of the miracle of creating human life and feeling it change daily within us. Never take that for granted.

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