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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Excuse Me

This first part has nothing to do with Jude or pregnancy, but it's just so funny that I wanted to share. As most of you know, I teach 2nd grade. It's awesome- most days. Yes, teaching is one of the most highly stressful jobs out there, but it has these little jewel or rainbow moments of cute that make it worth while.

Story #1- During math class, most of the time the kids are playing math games working on their addition/subtraction facts. They usually work in partners, sometimes threes. My job is to rotate from group to group, asking them questions or redirecting any misunderstandings I see. While visiting with one pair, I sat down in the nearest kids chair to talk with them. One of my students (who's very eccentric to begin with) raises a finger and says, "Excuse me Mrs. Doner', but you're sitting on my imaginary friend." Hahaha. Naturally, I was respectful, apologized, and moved.

Story #2- This is actually about pregnancy. Yesterday, my kids were split up in different 2nd grade classrooms while I did reading benchmarks with my kids. (These benchmarks take forever by the way.) Anyway, one of my little girls decided to complain about me to the other teacher. This teacher is very energetic and free spirited. My complete opposite during this larger than life time. First, the little girl complained because I don't really sing. The teacher says, "Are you sure? I bet Mrs. Doner' sings?" The little girl then agrees yes, I do sing. Then she changes her complaint to "Well I wish she would jump and dance." The teacher says, "Well honey, she's pregnant. She really can't, but I bet she will after she has her baby." The light bulb clicks in the little girl's head, "Oh yea, you should see her trying to get off the floor!" She then proceeds to model for the teacher what I look like as I get off the floor. I had no idea that I looked so pathetic- or was such a bummer teacher. I'm going to be the dancing queen when I return from maternity leave/Christmas break. Apparently I am ruining lives with my sedentary state!

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allie-mac-fallie said...

hahahah those are TOO cute! i love it :)