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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OB appt 34 weeks

Just a quick update on Jude's status since we had a Dr's Appt today:

All looks good.
* swelling was in normal range (shocking, honestly)
* heartbeat was 142- good
* blood pressure was 126/70- good
* I'm measuring 34 centimeters which is right on the money for being 34 weeks. Excellent! Don't have to worry about a big ole baby that I will have to deliver nor do I have to worry that he isn't growing enough. We are exactly where we should be. Hallelujah!

My next appointment is Thursday, the 24th. We will be having another sonogram. I'll feel even better about things after that. Sonograms have such a therapeutic effect on moms and dads. It's nice to see with your eyes that everything is ok! Hopefully, I can scan the pictures at school and post those. Exciting!

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