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Friday, September 18, 2009

My Little Honey Dew- 35 weeks

We are in the last week of the 8th month meaning we only have 5 more to go. Or 35 days, depending on how you want to look at it. I think it seems a whole lot sooner when you think about it in terms of days. Regardless, we are getting very, very close. Even though Jude still has a little bit of growing to do, at the end of the day, I feel like he could come at any minute.

Here's the breakdown for week 35:
* 18 inches
* 5.25 lbs (he gains a lb a week fyi)
* fully developed kidneys
* mostly functioning liver
* most physical development complete

How mom's feeling:
* Tired! I cannot describe how hard it is to get up and do anything. I am so stinking amazed with myself for working everyday. I'm a little stressed though with all that we need to get in place with housing, subplans, nursery, etc.
* Waddling horrifically.
* Discovered that the annoying pain on my right rib was actually Jude who apparently has a favorite spot, which is most uncomfortable for me. The doctor told me I could try to move him, but I would just feel bad for him. I think that's a mom attitude right?
* Back pain also horrible. Thank goodness for my amazing husband who is will to give me a massage at night.
* Feet swelling has reached gargantuan proportions. I have approximately 2 pairs of shoes I can wear now. I can assure you none of them are my cute shoes. Luckily Michael is willing to rub those after my long day too!
* Number of times I'm asked if I'm going to pop- 11,287. Today someone even told me I looked like I was dropping. Being unexperienced in pregnancy, I have no idea. It seems a little soon to me. One things for sure, I don't breathe easier. It will take the hand of God to convince Jude to not chill against my right rib. He's sleeping there as we speak. Spent all of my dinner playing around, then falls asleep inside my rib cage. Awesome.
* Number of positions per night in attempt to get comfortable- 479. How many are successful? 0
* Waking up in the morning is the worst. I feel like my entire body is completely locked up. At those moments it really does feel like the baby has dropped and everything is down at the bottom. Miserable.

My next appointment is Thurs am. We have our final sono, which I am soo soo excited about. She will also be checking to see if I've started dilating at all. Scary stuff, but it will be reassuring to know where I stand regardless of what she says. Only 2 more weeks until Jude will be considered full term. We can definitely make it until then! Just hope we make it longer so that we can get our things done.

Please be praying for us with everything going on. I have so much to finish with school. We should be closing on this house in the next 2 weeks, so please pray that there are no more issues with that as well. Thanks!

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