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Saturday, September 26, 2009

36 weeks aka 9 months!

We are now in our 9th month as of yesterday. The journey is really and truly ending. Jude will be considered full term by Friday, which is both crazy exciting and scary. I can't believe it sometimes. The fruit of the week is a crenshaw melon so should you see one in your neighborhood Kroger, think of Jude (and me with that inside rolling about). At this point in pregnancy, Jude should be gaining an ounce a day. Given that statistic and that he weighed 6.1 on Thursday, he is probably about 6lbs 3 oz today. Always gaining. Interestingly enough, I swear I can feel him growing within. Each day everything inside me feels more and more cramped. I honestly do not know where else he can possibly go. I'm sure he is just as miserable being cramped inside. Anyway, he should be able 18.5 inches long at this point. They didn't tell me a length at the sono, so I have to use my weekly updates to guestimate. He is actually measuring a little bit bigger than the updates suggest (by 3 oz.), so he may be a tad longer as well. Not too much is interesting at this point. Just gaining weight. He's shedding the covering he's needed while inside the amniotic fluid. It also says he should be in the head down position at this point. He was head down during the sono, so I assume we are good with this. I'm not sure whether to assume he will stay in that position or will flip around at some point. By the way they describe it, he must stay head down from this point. Honestly, I don't know how he could find the space to do too much moving really. Luckily, I guess I don't have to worry about a breech baby, atleast not at this point. Overall, we are just waiting and preparing for the big day. While the dr seems to think there is no indication he will come early, for all practical purposes, Jude could come any day now. I'm not really ready for him though, so I hope not! Still have several things to do. Keep praying for us!

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