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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texas Snow- BOTWT

Beginning of the Week Thoughts:

Glad I left my Christmas decorations up.  

Last night Jude was running a fever, probably due to croup, since his cough sounds very much like that.  So I had to call in for work today.  This has been one of those years where I have just run through my sick days due to ear infections, the flu, you name it.  I was kind of frustrated because I really don't want to take any more time off.

Then I realized it was snowing.  My school district didn't call a snow day (normally we do).  It would have been nice if they had, since it would have saved me the sick day.  But hey, today is not a day I would want to get out and teach.  Can you imagine how crazy 2nd graders are when there is glorious snow on the ground and I dare ask them to learn?  So in some ways, my hat is off to you kid.  You picked a good day to get sick.

He really loved scooping up the snow.  We've been reading a lot of Katy and the Big Snow, and Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel.  I am guessing he was enacting the story.

This little cup was mine from when I was little.  Looks so cute full of hot warm chocolate and marshmallows.

Looks even cuter being sipped by a certain 3 year old I love.  Also, he has a permanent ratnest.  I finally cut his hair like a  normal boy in hopes it'd solve the problem.  But as it turns out, no.

PS Jude is wanting to head back outside with is bull dozer.  To push snow.  Like Katy.  Be still my teacher heart!  

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