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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shabby Apple

The other day I received an email from Shabby Apple asking me to be one of their affiliates.  To say I was shocked was an understatement.  Considering pretty much anyone can have my complete cooperation by saying the magic word 'retro', I was kinda excited!

Shabby Apple is a company specializing in designing retro clothes.  You know the clothes you scour through the thrift store hoping to find (please say I'm not the only one hoping to stumble on a 50s dress), they basically recreate them.  ::Swoon:: goes my vintage loving heart.

Added bonuses- They specialize in focusing on making their clothes 'modest'.  As a women who would rather be known for her gentle and quiet spirit, it's nice to see things that I don't have to put back on the rack because they are too short or too low.  They also give 5% of their profits back to charities and organizations focused on helping women.  If their is one thing that my marriage and divorce gave me, it was a compassion for women who are hurting.  And if there is one area I hope to be able to one day focus on in ministry, its with hurting women.  So supporting that in any way is always a plus.

So without further adieu, let me show you 5 reasons I think this company is awesome.

 1. White tulle Marilyn Monroe like dress- it actually reminds me of my wedding dress which is the only positive thing that came from that day :) Anyway, I love this dress in every way.  When I was a little girl, I used to only let my mom buy a dress if it twirled right.  This just looks like a dress made for twirling.  Love!

 2. Polka dots always get my retro heart thumping.  And for whatever reason, I've always loved navy and the nautical look.  Although, to be honest, I think part of the reason I loved this so much was because I'm longing for warmer weather!  Regardless, love the bottom.  And also, love that it's paired with orange.  Kind of a new twist.  Orange always adds an element of funky to things, which is my other favorite style word.  Retro.  Funky.  Win.

 3.  Ummm this is from the Mad Hatter collection and is called Alice.  So whimsical and light and I think I would feel like a fairy in it.  And it's mint!  I would gladly go to a tea party wearing this!  I love love love 50s styled dresses.  Dreamlike.

 4.  Having just recently worn my Mary Jane heels, I kind of love this.  I love yellow things, although they never seem to look good on my olive skin.  But I love its classic 30s/40s look.  The hat, the dress, the shoes.  So ladylike.

5.  Back to nautical, but I love black and white stripes.  So French Riviera to me.  And again, right now, I want to move to the beach.  Permanently.  So seeing this makes me imagine what its like to feel warm.  But really, love the stripes.  Love the pockets.  Love the way it is flowing out from the middle.

Cute stuff huh?  There are so many collections and dresses upon dresses upon dresses.  I have an itch to play dress up- just need an occasion for it :)  There is a button on the right side of my page that allows you to access the site from my blog.  Check it out!

Note- as an affiliate, if you go through my blog, I would earn 5% back of any sales.  Which as a single momma, is definitely a perk!


katebradley said...

That's so awesome that they contacted you. I'm looking into getting some ads/sponsorship for my blog to try to earn a little bit of extra $. Sounds like such a cool c company! And those outfits are awesome!

ThistleAshD said...

Super cute huh- I can never decide if I want to pursue 'growing my blog' to try to make money off it or not. I could use the money, but then always think about how there is no pressure with how things are now. Let me know how it goes for you

Emily Kate said...

Ahhhh love your style and your selections, def need to check Shabby Apple out. Happy your found my blog so I could in turn find yours!;)

RuthieB said...

What fun blessing to have be an affiliate of Shabby Apple!! This makes me smile for you. I have found the mint lace dress before when looking for a bridesmaid dress, but I absolutely love the polka dot skirt.

ThistleAshD said...

Absolutely! So excited too :)

ThistleAshD said...

It is definitely a blessing. I was very very surprised!