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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here is a little recap in pics of my Christmas with my family.  

 Jude excited about decorating the tree.  This was the first year he actually hung the ornaments.  

 He put most of them up himself.  There were a few that he couldn't figure out how to get on or were too breakable or what not.  Those were the only ones I put up.  The rest I let him decide where to put them.

 So the tree mostly looked like this :)  With the majority of the ornaments put together in little clumps.  But he was oh so proud of himself.  He still likes to point out all his hard work, over a month later.  It's so hard sometimes to step back and not make everything 'perfect'.  It's amazing how the most imperfect becomes the most memorable, the most beautiful.  Perfection is a bit of a delusion, which I seem to fall for again and again...

 Naps on the couch with the sweetest boy

 Jude made this craft at school.  I am loving his teachers and all he is learning.  He does such fun stuff.

 That moment when the child realizes there are toy dreams located under the tree and the wonder sets in.

 Joy + Bedhead + Pajamas = Bliss

Traditional Aunt Mega chillin on the couch shot

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