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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

15 months

Jude Dylan is 15 months old today.  We go to the doctor on Friday for the stats and a couple shots.  (Dtap and Polio).  I'm taking the day off in case he doesn't feel good afterwards.

Anyway, where did the time go?  Jude is such a toddler now.  He's completely weaned himself off all nursing except at night and early morning.  I'm hoping the rest of the weaning will go just as easily.  He is noisy, rambunctious, into everything, and has lots to say.  Some of it I can understand.  He's begun perfecting no, but hasn't started using it in defiance yet.

We had 2 temper tantrums today in the course of 1.5 hours.  They only lasted 30 seconds, but heaven help us when it gets worse.  He is such a crazy child.  He is always jumping and making noise just for the sake of making noise.  He is always climbing now too.  Or dancing.  Never still.  Always entertaining.

Quite a wild and interesting kid.  Childhood is most likely going to be a wild ride with this one.

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