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Monday, January 3, 2011

14 months

Jude Dylan turned 14 months on December 19th.  If I had to pick any month in the toddler period in which I'd say Jude became a toddler, truly a toddler, I would have to say 14 months.  This is true in both good and bad ways.

It's awesome because he's learned so many new words!  Such as yes, woah, go, boom, water (I think), um, yea, and more I think.  If he doesn't know the word, he can come up with a few ways of getting his point across.  It's so nice to not have to guess as often!

He's also into pretend play.  He loves talking on the phone and any object can become a phone.  It's hilarious to listen to him carry on these in depth conversations.  Then he gives the phone to me for a little bit.  My favorite is that I must say umm a lot on the phone in this particular voice because he does this EVERY TIME HE USES THE PHONE WITH THE SAME INFLECTIONS.  Mommy officially needs to watch herself... Yikes.

He loves to GO GO GO... and announces his desire to do this often.  Go down the slide head first, go fast in the car (unfortunately I never speed), go over bridges.

Yesterday I danced for him to this sailing song on one of his toys.  Now he will push the button over and over through the other noises until it gets to this one.  Then he waits and watches me dance.  Then goes through the noises again until the sailing song comes on.  He could do this for hours.

The bummer is that toddler tantrums are starting.  Jude now knows what he wants.  He wants to figure out how things work, which means destroy them.  He does not like hearing no.  When he does, it results in a big huge whine fest.  This is not fun for either of us.  So I am trying to remember all that great child psychology I spent 4 years learning so that I can have the patience needed to help him understand how to accept when things don't go his way...

Parenting- lots of work, but the rewards are so so so worth it.

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