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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things I Love- Daddy

Now that Jude is really getting socially interactive, its been amazing to see how much he's come to love his daddy! At first, he seemed really attached to me as all babies are. He still is, but we are starting to see the parent personalities come out, which is fun. Michael is definitely the fun parent, and Jude knows it already. He gets so excited when he sees Michael. He recognizes certain noises Michael makes for Jude too, which also excite him.

This morning he was so excited to try to get his daddy out of bed. He doesn't seem to care that daddy works late. He just wanted daddy up!

Daddy, I see you. Please wake up.

Daddy I love you. Please wake up.

Daddy you make me laugh. Please wake up.

I love your chin daddy. You're almost up.

Daddy's looking at me! Yay!

Daddy's talking to me! I did it! Score!

I love you Daddy!


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