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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little Chatter Box

Jude is a ridiculous chatterbox. I'm not sure he's really ever not talking. For example, when he wakes up in the morning or at night, he just lays in bed and talks and giggles. Not really ccry mind you. Just talks and laughs as if to say haha mom I'm up already. Come get me please. I'm ready to play. He's been talking a ton since before Christmas, but it just seems like every week he's adding more and more sounds to his 'vocabulary'. Since about the middle of January, I've noticed he's been adding a lot of consonants specifically. At first it was just all vowels. I guess he's got his vowels down now though. He started with a /g/ and /k/ sound. He's since added a lot of /b/ sounds with occasional /d/ and even /th/. Pretty interesting.

When we went to the doctor, she said we could expect consonants to creep in to his vocabulary at around 6 months, so I guess he is ahead of the curve when it comes to talking. Note- I'm not trying to say my son is amazing and advanced. Just that talking is his thing and I think Michael and I are in for a very interesting road to say the least. If we have a child who is ahead of the game with talking at 4 months, I can only imagine the delightful sounds he will fill our house with in months to come.

I'm picturing the little boy from Jerry Maguire who is constantly talking from the backseat...

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